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Poll: What's Your Favorite Robert Pattinson Movie Looks

Another poll for you guys this morning 😉 What’s your favorite Robert Pattinson Movie Look? Leave a comment to let us know and we’ll tally the totals. I didn’t add Rings of the Nibelungs as not many people have seen it.

Harry Potter – Cedric Diggory


Toby Jugg – The Haunter Airman


Daniel Gale – The Bad Mother’s Handbook


Art Freeman – How to Be


Salvador Dali – Little Ashes


The Summer House


Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga


Tyler Hawkins – Remember Me


Georges DuRoy – Bel Ami


Jacob Jankowski – Water for Elephants


From Harry Potter to Eclipse, Which is Your Favorite Role Rob Played?

From Harry Potter to Eclipse which is your favorite Robert Pattinson role? I’m leaving out the smaller movies such as Rings of the Nibelungs and The Summer House as not many people have seen them. I’ll probably surprise no one by saying that my favorite Rob role is Tyler Hawkins. Let us know which role is your favorite in the comments.

Here’s a little refresher for you guys 😉

Cedric Diggory – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Robert Pattinson "How To Be" T-Shirt

You can buy the shirt here!

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HQ Black & White Stills of Robert Pattinson in How to Be

Here are the black & white versions of the stills of Robert Pattinson in How to Be that I posted yesterday.

More stills after the jump!

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HQ Stills of Robert Pattinson in How to Be

Here are some HQ Stills of Robert Pattinson in How to Be. Some of these I have seen in HQ before.

More pics after the jump!

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My How to Be Review for

A few weeks ago Dave O. from asked me to do a review of how to be. It’s been posted on their site here. I’m posting it here on ToR as well so here it is. Let me know what you think.

“Thinking of Rob” Review of ‘How to Be

How to Be,’ a movie written and produced by Oliver Irving, is a story that revolves around a young man named Arthur Freeman (Robert Pattinson), a struggling musician who just got dumped by his girlfriend.

Art goes through a quarter-life crisis and desperately needs to find himself. Unfortunately for Art he is surrounded by people who have as many problems, if not more, than he does. Although, mind you, they are better at hiding them than he is.

Art decides to take matters into his own hands and starts looking for ways to “cure” himself. While doingso he stumbles upon the self-help book It’s Not Your Fault written by Dr. Ellington (Powell Jones). Art, believing that this may very well be the solution to his problems, contacts Dr. Ellington who travels from Canada to England to help Art.

The arrival of Dr. Ellington creates all sorts of issues for Art. While he believes Dr. Ellington is helping him it actually generates more chaos in his life. Hilarity ensues (shut up in your face) and How to Be becomes a blame game where everyone blames each other for their problems, while forgetting to look at themselves to find the true underlying issues.

Infused with British humour, How to Be is sure to make you laugh. The characters are brilliantly played by the entire cast. Pattinson shines in the role of the adorkable Art, a role as far removed from Edward Cullen (The Twilight Saga) as can be. Pattinson shows us that he has more than one trick up his sleeve and a promising acting career ahead of him. Irving truly manages to convey how people often try to hide their own problems and project them onto others.

The How to Be DVD comes with great bonus features including behind the scene and audition footage, a Comcast interview with Robert Pattinson and much more.

How to Be is definitely a great movie and a must see, because sometimes we all need a little help.

How To Be – Trailer

A young man having an existential crisis convinces a Canadian self-help guru to come to London and become his personal life coach.

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How to Be coming out in Brazil on November 11th


Heads up to the Brazilian Rob fans, How to Be is coming out in Brazil on November 11th.

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