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Michael Sheen and Ashley Green Talk About Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Clout   1 comment

Michael Sheen recently conducted and interview with Ashley Greene for Interview Magazine. This is what they had to say about Rob and Kristen:

SHEEN: When I was on the set of the Twilight films, I could see that Kristen [Stewart] and Rob [Pattinson] have a lot of clout. They have a lot of power within the franchise now, it seems—and rightfully so. They’re asked their opinion, and for actors who are so young, they seemed to have a lot of say in what was going on. You say that now, with this film, you’re getting to be more involved. Is that something that you relish? Or is that responsibility quite frightening as well?

GREENE: For whatever reason, I relish it. Part of it might be that I did get to work so closely with these people, and see close up how they handle things. But I’m really excited. One of the coolest feelings was when I was reading with people for a part, and this guy came in, and I was just like, That’s the guy. You just know.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Thanks to KStewartNews for the heads up!