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Anna Kendrick recently did an interview with in which she spoke about Robert Pattinson. To check out the full interview go here . Here are the parts where she speaks about Rob & Twilight:

AM : What’s it like being in the Twilight series?

AK : It’s a phenomenon that cannot be accounted for. It’s really exciting. The thing about my involvement is that I get to have my cake and eat it too. I get to be a part of the [Twilight] franchise and go on the ride when I feel like it. And I still have my real life. I can walk around and people don’t speculate about my private life.

AM : Have you gotten more attention from the Twilight-ers since you got cast?

AK : Yeah. The other great thing is that people just seem to be fine with me. Some people love Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart] and some people say a lot of cruel things. And people tend to leave me alone. If they want to say something they tend to say something nice. Its an insane franchise to be a part of, but I got it the easiest out of everyone.

AM : Since the first part of Twilight has the atmosphere changed in terms of fans and paparazzi?

AK : Thank God that people exist who know how to take care of that stuff. Otherwise, we’d just be mobbed everyday. They’ve set up a veritable fortress around every location that I’ve shot at with good reason. We live in our little blacked-out bubble.

AM : How do you compare the attention that circles Twilight star Robert Pattinson and George Clooney?

AK : From what I’ve seen they get different sides of it. Rob gets a lot of screaming and a lot of prying and a lot of really, really intense praise, which doesn’t necessarily feel good when it’s coming from this hysterical place. Then I see people come to George and because he’s so established, some people try [to] trick him into saying something. And it’s interesting to watch him sidestep that stuff so gracefully and never lose his cool. I don’t know how he does that.

AM : Is there more hysteria around Clooney or Pattinson?

AK : Rob Pattinson. I’ve never seen anything like it. Yesterday, people were asking me [at the Up in the Air premiere with Clooney], “Could you believe how crazy this premiere is?” and I was like, you ain’t seen nothing.

AM : Like stampedes and stuff?

AK : Comic Con was pretty intense. We were in smaller theaters, and there were no barriers. I was just thinking, they’re feet away, and he’s standing right next to me. This kid is going to lose an eye right next to me. There were four security guards around him but all it takes is one and your eye is gone.

AM : Do you understand why people are so into him?

AK : He’s attractive, charming and funny, but do I get why people do that? No.

AM : Do you think it’s more because they see him as his character, Edward?

AK : Yes. Absolutely. I understand that. Reading the books, Edward [Cullen] is like nothing you’ve ever read, and I understand why girls go crazy. But I don’t understand why there’s no disconnect when they see a real human being and start convulsing.

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