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NEW ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ clip with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

NEW ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ clip with Robert Pattinson


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Robert Pattinson and Bérénice Bejo to attend Moet & Chandon,Chopard party on September 4th in Venice   2 comments

‘The Childhood of a Leader’ co-stars Robert Pattinson & Bérénice Bejo to attend Moet & Chandon,Chopard party on September 4th in Venice



Rob is also confirmed to attend the red carpet for The Childhood of a Leader on September 5th by the official Twitter account of the Venice Film Festival.

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Liam Cunningham mentions Robert Pattinson and ‘The Childhood of a Leader’   Leave a comment

Liam Cunningham spoke briefly about The Childhood of A Leader  and wrapping shooting in Budapest. He also mentioned working with Robert Pattinson & Bérénice Bejo


Berenice Bejo talks about ‘Childhood of a Leader’ and Robert Pattinson’s character   Leave a comment


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Did you feel the need to seek stronger characters?

[…] And the next thing I do is another strong film with the character of a mother whose son is very particular, a little awkward and weird. Over the scenes you’re realizing that it is not a normal guy, he’ll become a monster or something. And it is about the relationship with the mother and father. So good, I read, I liked that I was given a role as well, and I’m going to do. I was lucky to do very different things.

‘And in Hollywood? I guess after your Oscar nomination in 2012 for The Artist, should many proposals to work in the United States have arrived.

-A Michel reached him many scripts. I already had two films to make and was not available for two years. And now that I told you that I do, is an American film, a debut, with Tim Roth, that will play my husband, and Robert Pattinson, the character of a family friend.

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