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Robert Pattinson’s interview with Chicago Sun-Times   2 comments


Maybe it’s a nod to his former vampire alter ego, but Robert Pattinson wants blood.

“I was having a dream the other night about a Chicago steak,” the actor said Tuesday. “I had one on the first ‘Twilight’ tour, and certain things just stick in your mind. Maybe it’s my inner vampire coming out again.”

With a trademark laugh, Pattinson knows he will get his wish. He will film the gangster movie “Idol’s Eye” with Robert De Niro in Chicago in October. “I love Chicago,” he says. “It’s one of those cities where I can walk around and people are really kind. They respect that there are times I need a little silence.

He also found that silence working in the Australian Outback for his new movie “The Rover” (opening Friday), where Pattinson plays Ray, a young man on a mission to survive a wild desert trip and killing spree with another drifter played by Guy Pierce.

Q. What was it like filming in the Outback?
A: I really love the desert because you can be alone, which is very nice. I could just wander off a bit and no one cared because there wasn’t a single soul for thousands of miles. Most of the towns where we filmed had one street. The other cool thing is that when I was mobbed, it was by a bunch of kangaroos who lived there or the wild camels. I respect these people who are out there, too, living off the grid. It was perfect for me to be a bit off the grid where I didn’t have to look over my shoulder. No one was taking a picture of me doing something stupid.

Q. You’ve said that you had to audition for Ray in “The Rover.” Really? After starring in that big franchise?
A: One hundred percent I have to audition unless I’m playing something in my wheelhouse. If I’m doing a vampire thing, they better hire me. You’ve seen my vampire act.

Q. You’ve had quite a few years with your life splashed out in the tabloids. How do you keep it together and not develop an attitude?
A: I really don’t know how I do it. It’s weird. I went through a period where I was a bit more stressed. Once I got through that period of time, I just figured that your life contracts a little bit when you get famous. Yes, I was frustrated about not doing the things I used to do, like walking around anonymously. But you get used to it. In the end, I just let it all go and have accepted that it’s a different kind of life.

Q. You have films coming up from David Cronenberg [“Maps to the Stars” this fall] and Werner Herzog, plus the De Niro movie. Have you shaken Edward Cullen from “Twilight” off for good?
A: I’m constantly surprised that I’ve been able to have a career post-”Twilight.” I still think it’s going to end at any second. I always figured anything else after “Twilight” was just a bonus. … It is nice to look at my resume now. I’d be jealous of me if I wasn’t me.

Q. Finally … you’re a steak guy and not a Chicago pizza type?
A. Let’s clear this up. I’m 100 percent a Chicago pizza guy, but when you’ve been dreaming of a good steak, you need to start with a knife and a fork in your hands — and some good steak sauce

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‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ featured in the Chicago Sun-Times Fall movie preview   1 comment

From Chicago Sun Times:

They say good things come to those who wait — and no one knows that better than a certain vampire hunk. After several cinematic years in limbo, Edward Cullen finally will have that moment when a young man gets to say to his blushing new bride: Welcome to my bloodline.
First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a little fanged creature in the baby carriage in the biggest film of fall, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1,” opening Nov. 18.

“I’m curious to see how it will carry out,” star Robert Pattinson tells the Sun-Times. “This movie is so different from the other ones. The stakes are so much higher because now it’s time to turn the entire saga upside down.”

And then there is the matter of Bella’s baby bump. “The birth scene is frightening,” Pattinson admits. “It’s a slap in the face. It’s failure to Edward, who has to choose between losing Bella and transforming her. It’s the toughest scene I’ve ever had to film in my career because this choice tears out my heart.”

Not since the Kardashian wedding has there been such a rapid tying of the knot. Stewart admits, “I was racing down the aisle during the first few takes because I was eager to get the two of them married.” Pattinson says, “We saved shooting the actual wedding for last because it was so important. We needed to be immersed in it.”


'Twilight' stars join forces to negotiate contracts   Leave a comment


The Chicago Sun-Times had an article about Rob and his co-stars and salary negotiations.

Much as the success of the “Harry Potter” film franchise turned the once-unknown Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint into internationally famous and extremely wealthy movie stars, a similar route to lifelong financial security is clearly in the cards for “Twilight”/”New Moon” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

As the trio approaches negotiations for what may be two films based on the Breaking Dawn novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga, word has it Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner are joining forces to negotiate as a team. The story is reminiscent of the approach taken by “Friends” stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc — who famously stuck together for all of their contract negotiations in that hit TV series’ long run.

Though nothing is yet on paper, there is word the huge box-office hauls of both “Twilight” and “New Moon” — and the likely success of “Eclipse,” already shot and due in June — has the three actors likely to be able to demand paychecks well into eight figures for the next two films.

• By the way, a good source close to Pattinson and Lautner tells me the two young actors are “very amused” by all the stories flying around the blogosphere about an alleged big “feud” between the co-stars. While the two men couldn’t be more different in real life, the Summit Entertainment insider says their relationship is truly a case of “opposites attract” and the two actors actually are extremely good friends.