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Chris Cooper Speaks about Rob and Remember Me   1 comment

NEW YORK – Chris Cooper certainly didn’t build an impressive resume of 57 films and an Academy Award, plus television and Broadway work, by being a prima donna.

The hard-working, plain-spoken actor takes a down-to-earth approach to his craft, one that’s not surprising for a guy who studied both acting and agriculture at the University of Missouri and got his start in community theater pounding nails as a set builder. Stardom doesn’t interest him; acting does.

Through an amazing run of movies ranging from John Sayles’ gritty, low-budget “Matewan” to the inspirational “October Sky” to the controversial Oscar-winning “American Beauty” to the reality-bending “Adaptation” (for which he won an Academy Award as best supporting actor), Cooper has proven himself to be as durable as he is versatile.

His latest film is “Remember Me,” in which he plays a hard-nosed New York cop from Queens who clashes violently with his college-student daughter’s rebellious boyfriend (who happens to be played by that handsome young star of the moment, Robert Pattinson).

Cooper, who is openly critical of young actors who seem to relish red-hot celebrity more than the precise, demanding work of acting, had a lot to say about his co-star Pattinson during a recent press junket for the film.

Mainly, that Pattinson is no prima donna.

“Robert is learning the ropes,” said Cooper, whose squinty gaze and no-nonsense manner could certainly intimidate any young actor. “He’s relatively new in the business. What he’s doing is making some good choices, I think. I think he wants to be a serious actor, and he’s a lovely guy. So realizing what he has to deal with, all the demands of the `Twilight’ popularity and the distractions, I think he’s handling it amazingly well.”

With paparazzi and groupies descending on the shooting locations in New York every day, Cooper admitted to being occasionally aggravated by the distractions that came with Pattinson’s presence.

“But Robert was a consummate professional,” Cooper said. “He always did his homework and came to the set prepared.”

One of Cooper’s pet peeves is with young actors coming to the set looking like they’ve just rolled out of bed without having done their homework, without having all their lines memorized.

“I let them know I’m not pleased. I confront them with it,” he said bluntly, while declining to name names. “There’s this theory that I’m hearing time and time again with young actors that, `well, if I don’t learn my lines to the word it looks good on camera if I’m thinking about those words, trying to pull them.’

“Well, nine times out of ten that’ll kill a scene because the director’s saying, `what are you doing?’” Cooper said. “Get in the scene, get involved in the scene, get involved with the other actor you’re working with. And you just can’t do that if you don’t know your lines. It’s just happened to me too many times.

“I don’t care if they resent it (when he confronts them),” he said. “They’re working with me. Time is money in a production – we never have enough rehearsal time when we’re shooting a film – actors should come prepared. To his credit, Robert always did.”


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Robert Pattinson, 'Remember Me' Co-Stars Answer Fans in Exclusive Video Interviews   Leave a comment

We’ve already posted the Rob one but here it is again with the others. From Moviefone

There’s no mistaking Tyler Hawkins for Edward Cullen.

Tyler — the young romantic ‘Twilight’ heartthrob Robert Pattinson portrays in the new drama ‘Remember Me’ — is still brooding, but more in a Holden Caulfield, disenfranchised upper-crest New Yorker sort of way (rather than, you know, troubled by the anxieties of blood-lust and immortality).

Pattinson and co-stars Pierce Brosnan,Emilie de Ravin and Chris Cooper, plus director Allen Coulter and screenwriter Will Fetters, hit New York recently to talk about the Manhattan-set drama. And since, well, we had a feeling the masses of R.Patz fans might be just a little bit enthused to have their existence officially acknowledged by the actor, we opened up the floor for fan-submitted questions.

The gracious Pattinson played along, answering questions about whether or not he’d ever consider playing James Bond (“I don’t know if I’d be capable of it, I think you need to be pretty fit for that”), the awkwardness of love scenes, his acting inspirations (“Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosling“) and what he could never give up (“Beer”).

Robert Pattinson Q&A

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Videos: Collider's Behind the Scenes of "Remember Me" and Interview with Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Behind the scenes vids, after the jump!

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8 Clips From Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me" In One Video!   8 comments


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And now the youtube version:

"Remember Me" Synopsis and Run Time   Leave a comment

Remember Me: PG13, 2hrs 8min

Synopsis: His relationship with his father strained in the wake of a family tragedy, rebellious New Yorker Tyler (Robert Pattinson) finds love with the one girl who understands him. Tyler wasn’t looking for love, but that’s exactly what he found when he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin). Enchanted by her beauty and inspired by her spirit, Tyler finds that his strange life suddenly makes sense when he’s around Ally. As their relationship grows, Tyler learns to live his life with passion, and value the little things. When buried secrets threaten to tear the young couple apart, Tyler realizes that sometimes love is worth fighting for. Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, and Lena Olin co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.

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French "Remember Me" Poster   1 comment


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Enter to Win Tickets to the 'Remember Me' Premiere and Interview the Cast!   3 comments

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