8 Clips From Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me" In One Video!   8 comments



via RPLife

And now the youtube version:


8 responses to “8 Clips From Robert Pattinson's "Remember Me" In One Video!

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  1. no 7 is amazing… i am stunned

  2. Ohh.. I looove Chicken tikka masala ! Never ate anything else when I was in Thailand 😀

  3. well what I could see was great but no matter what I do I can only watch it until a certain point at about the half way mark before it stops and won’t do anything 😦

  4. i can only see up to half way 😦
    i dunno why… booo.

  5. FINALLY!! and I agree #7 was WOW I was holding my breath the whole time and I actually got a little teary not gonna lie 😛

  6. I thought it was only me. My computer has crashed 4 times tryimg to watch this. Even though I’ve seen each individual clip many times, I was really hoping to see them all together. It stops for me at 0:42, then the next time I got a bit further.

    Hoping for a youtube version.

  7. Even though I’ve read the script, I am getting more and more anxious and worried about seeing this. Will need extra blood pressure medicine, tissues, and maybe a Xanax.

  8. Yeah, it finally worked! New scenes! Loved the scene with Caroline & Ally.

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