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Emilie de Ravin Speaks About Robert Pattinson and "Remember Me"   5 comments

What was it like to work with co-star Robert Pattinson? Did you spend time getting to know each other before filming or during to create chemistry?
– Lauren Spratt

We had a really great time working together. Instead of just doing a scene and reading your lines, it felt like I was just reacting to him and the situation which made it feel very natural and un-forced. Probably the case because not only did we get along really well- we made a point of being on the same page as each other to do with our characters’ relationship. Not reading over and over scenes, but more talking about them and our characters and finding moments one or both of us hadn’t noticed before. I think really getting to know someone helps a lot with having believable chemistry on-screen.

Other than the Ally/Tyler relationship, which do you think is the best relationship in the film and why?
– Natalia Al

Ruby and Rob who play Caroline and Tyler-They had such a great chemistry together. Even though there’s a big age difference between the characters they have such an adult relationship. Tyler could not be more caring and protective of Caroline and goes to great lengths to try and make her father understand and be there for her.

She talks more about Ally and ‘Remember Me’ here @ Remember Me Facebook

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Remember Me Still   Leave a comment

Here’s a Remember Me still we didn’t have up on the site. The one on the left is new.

Source: Gossip Dance

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"The Bad Mother's Handbook" To Be Re-released on DVD in the UK   1 comment

We’ve seen Robert Pattinson kissing Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight saga, and we’ve also seen him lock lips with Emilie de Ravin in Remember Me. We can never get enough Rob kissing action here at PopSugarUK, so we’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive video clip of Robert kissing yet another costar! In 2007 Robert starred as love struck teenager Daniel in The Bad Mother’s Handbook alongside Catherine Tate, Holly Grainger and Anne Reid. This one-off drama will be released in the UK on DVD on 29th March, but for now, check out Robert as an adorable awkward teen giving his girlfriend a present and getting quite a kiss in return. Let me know what you think of Rob in this role.

Pre-order here


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Robert Pattinson on the Cover of Brazil's Atrevida Magazine   2 comments

This is March’s issue of the magazine, there are two different covers. We know which one we would choose. 😉


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Daily Wallpaper Post 26/02/2010   Leave a comment


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Rundown of All of Robert Pattinson's Upcoming TV Appearances   Leave a comment

From Hollywoodcrush:

The good thing about Robert Pattinson coming out with a new movie — you know, in addition to the fact that he’s coming out with a new movie — is that his ever popular face will have to make obligatory stops at all many popular TV outlets to promote it. While the “Remember Me” tour will be a bit less involved than the “New Moon” on was, we’re pretty excited about all of the TV shows he is going to be frequenting. What’s even more exciting is that most of the visits will be firsts.


Rob’s first stop on the press tour stars March 1, where he will be kicking it off with a visit to “The Today Show.” This isn’t quite a debut, considering he already visited Matt Lauer while promoting “New Moon.” However, we really dug the interview at the time, and we’re sure Matt will pull out a great repeat performance.


It might seem surprising that March 1 will also mark Rob’s first appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner both made appearances here for “New Moon”) considering as recently as February 10 he made” a cameo appearance. Hopefully Rob will be able to get back at Jimmy Fallon for all his “Robert is Bothered” skits, maybe with a “Jimmy Fallon isn’t as funny as he thinks he is and that bothers all of us” one? Yeah, we know it’s not as catchy, but we’re working on it.


On Tuesday March 2, Rob will make his debut appearance on “The View” alongside costar Emilie de Ravin. ABC seemed pretty excited about it on their website news post, and they should have every reason to be. In fact, we’re surprised it took them this long to find an excuse to get him on!


If old women fawning over our favorite Brit isn’t quite your think, Rob will also be making his first appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (!!!) that night. In fact, we are so excited about this appearance that we aren’t even going to waste our times speculating on how Jon Stewart will treat Rob. Hopefully however that appearance goes, it will blow our minds.

As for Rob’s Twilight” costar, Kristen Stewart (her new movie The Runaways” is out March 19), she’ll taking a seat on Jay Leno’s new “The Tonight Show” couch on March 10.

Czech "Remember Me" Poster   6 comments

Thanks slowie!

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Remember Me Colour Enhanced Pics Roundup: Day 30 to Day 14   1 comment

As I’ve been posting a colour enhanced pic on Twitpic each day as a countdown, but haven’t been posting them on the site I’ve been doing roundups for people who don’t have Twitter. You can find day 65 to 31 here. Below you’ll find day 30 to 14.

More pics after the jump!

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14 Days Until Remember Me Fanmade Art Countdown – wallpaper   2 comments

For day 14 of our Remember Me fanmade art countdown here’s an awesome wallpaper made by DreamySim1

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Robert Pattinson on the Cover of Malaysia's Galaxie Magazine   3 comments

Here’s a scan of Malaysia’s Galaxie Magazine with Rob on it. Thanks to twifanmalaysia for sending this to us.

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