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New Details Magazine Picture – NSFW   42 comments

Updated with slightly better quality pic! Apparently it is in the mag’s Table of Contents, a very tiny version, page 55.

The pic is after the jump since it’s NSFW.

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Video: Pierce Brosnan Talks About Robert Pattinson   1 comment

The rabid fans with their cell phone cams and ear-splitting screams. The frenzy over a rumored run-in with a moving taxi cab. The daily perils and pleasures of working in the Big Apple. As all this by-now-familiar madness surrounded Robert Pattinson on the New York City set of “Remember Me” last year, co-star Pierce Brosnan couldn’t help but want to shield his fellow actor.

“I play his dad and there’s a part of you, as a dad — you feel protective toward the fellow,” Brosnan told MTV News.

Even the man behind four James Bond films had a hard time processing the fan and paparazzi circus that surrounded the production each day. “It was really bizarre,” he told MTV News. “We were filming in Central Park South and the caravans are there and mine was very quiet and sedate and I’m reading my book and having a nice cup of coffee. Down the other end was Robert with 6,000 girls. I’ve never encountered such a thing.”

Brosnan would make his way from his trailer to set, waving to fans and reveling in some of the attention that still comes his way after years of portraying the world’s most dapper super spy. Then RPattz would arrive.

“By the time I walked up the steps of the plaza, he’d be coming up behind me and there’d be this cacophony, this blistering sound barrier of girls,” he laughed. “They just love him to bits and he’s a great lad.”

The older actor credited the younger one with taking an active role in his career, moving from simply acting to also producing — a move that Brosnan said should lead to a long and successful stay in Hollywood. “He acquits himself really well and he’s got his head on his shoulders,” Brosnan said. “He’s an executive producer on this movie and so, grace under pressure, he’ll move right through this period and have a great time. Just enjoy it. Give a little, get a lot.”

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New Remember Me Clip: "I'm Undecided"   2 comments

For higher quality click here to watch it.

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Robert Pattinson and the 'Twilight' Cast Support Autism   5 comments

Various Twilight stars (including Robert Pattinson!) have shown their support for raising money for Autism research by signing an Exclusive Twilight Limited Edition Movie Masterpiece to be auctioned off  at the Icare4Autism 2010: Cocktail Gala –

Twilight star, Rob Pattinson along with the rest of the cast of hit vampire movie flick Twilight are sinking their teeth into a new role. This role, however, is more sweet and savory.

Much to surprise of many, the Twilight team has created a special item that will be auctioned off at the Icare4autism 2010: Cocktail Gala. The money raised from the item will go to funding autism research and education conducted by the International Center for Autism Research and Education (Icare4autism).

What is the item?

The official item to be donated is an EXCLUSIVE Twilight Limited Edition Movie Masterpiece Collage. This fabulous item is made up of memorabilia that is out of production, collectible snippets and things unavailable to the general public.

About the Event

The Icare4autism 2010: Cocktail Gala, will be held on Thursday April 15th, from 6pm-10pm, at the Florida Aquarium; 777 Channelside Drive in Tampa, Florida. Tickets for the event go on sale on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 16th, 2010.

For more information about the gala go here.


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GIFs From the Behind The Scenes of Remember Me Video   1 comment

Here are some GIFs from the behind the scenes of Remember Me video made by Puppetta90. You can check out her site here she makes a lot of great graphics.

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23 days Until Remember Me Fanmade Art Countdown — Wallpaper   Leave a comment

For day 23 of our Remember Me fanmade art countdown here’s a wallpaper made by the lovely DreamySim1.

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Screencaps From Behind the Scenes of Remember Me   Leave a comment

Here are some screencaps for the behind the scenes of Remember Me video that I made for you guys.

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Video: Robert Pattinson and Cast Talk About 'Remember Me'   5 comments

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