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Ethan Hawke Mentions Robert Pattinson   9 comments

We have no idea who this “Robert Pattinson” guy is. Now, Bob Pattinson on the other hand….

Over drinks at a bistro in the Maritime Hotel, however, we’re not talking about Stoppard or Shepard or Mendes or Lumet. We’re talking about Zac Efron. Hawke and Linklater are close friends, and Linklater’s latest film, Me and Orson Welles, released in November, stars the unknown British actor Christian McKay as Welles, and the very well-known Efron—who became famous in High School Musical—as Welles’s young protégé. And herein lies a dilemma.
“The irony is, from Rick’s point of view, he wants to make a period film. He wants McKay to play Orson Welles. So you need a star to be in it somewhere,” Hawke says. “Here’s the answer: We’ll get Zac Efron to play the young kid. Because they audition him, and you know what? He turns out to be a really good actor. So that’s the reason Rick gets the money to make the film. But that’s also the reason people struggle to take the movie seriously.” This is a predicament that Hawke knows all too well. “A part of my heart goes out for these guys like Zac or [Twilight’s] Bob Pattinson. I wish them well,” he says. “The world is very mysterious. It has the appearance that it’s rooting for them and giving them everything they want. Instead, it’s setting a huge trap. And it’s very difficult to get out of.”

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Holly Grainger Confirmed To Be Cast With Robert Pattinson In Bel Ami   13 comments

Robert Pattinson fans will recall Holliday (Holly) Grainger from The Bad Mother’s Handbook, she starred opposite him in 2007 as pregnant teen Charlie Cooper. We are very excited about this addition to the cast.  As we reported before:

In the script, the character of Suzanne is Mme Rousset (Kristin Scott-Thomas)  and Rousset’s (Colm Meaney) young daughter and is pivotal to the story. Young Suzanne Rousset is closely involved with Robert Pattinson’s character of Georges Duroy in Bel Ami.

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Nicola Peltz To Join Robert Pattinson In Unbond Captives   1 comment

An interview with Nicola Peltz on generated a lot of interest today when it was revealed the actress, who stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, not only worked with Twilight-er Jackson Rathbone on the film, but will also be co-starring with Robert Pattinson in the near future.

A quick look at IMDB left fans guessing, since it doesn’t list any of Pattinson’s known upcoming projects among the 15-year-old actress’ plans.

Well, Gossip Cop solved the mystery.

A source close to Peltz tells Gossip Cop she’s been cast in Unbound Captives.

We hear great things about the young actress, which should only make anticipation even higher for the Pattinson flick.

Gossip Cop via pattinsonlife

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Borders Exclusive 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' DVD With Medallion   5 comments

Much like last year, Borders has just released an exclusive Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD complete with a medallion featuring the wolf pack tattoo and the Cullen Crest, exclusive and extended scenes that were previously unreleased, red carpet footage, and much more! Check it all out below (including pictures and details) and get your credit cards ready to pre-order!

• Exclusive packaging that compliments our existing Borders Exclusive Twilight packaging. Exclusive medallion necklace gold side with wolf-pack tattoo, silver side is the Cullen crest on a silver chain. • Exclusive content –Includes previously unreleased EXTENDED SCENES; INTERVIEWS with cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, The Cullen Family, The Wolf Pack, The Volturi and Director Chris Weitz; unrivaled RED CARPET FOOTAGE from the movie premiere; front row seats to The Twilight Saga: New Moon WEBCAST.

• Other content: Additional Special Features Include: A revealing AUDIO COMMENTARY with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lambert; a riveting 6-PART DOCUMENTARY that takes you behind the scenes; exclusive band REHEARSAL FOOTAGE with Muse; and MUSIC VIDEOS from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mutemath.

Pre-order the DVD through here.

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Black & White Stills of Robert Pattinson In ‘Remember Me’   1 comment

Here are the black & white stills of Robert Pattinson in Remember Me that we posted earlier today.

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Robert Pattinson Wins Cosmopolitan's Fake Award for 'Sexiest Blood Sucker'   2 comments

Sexiest Bloodsucker

Winner: Robert Pattinson (New Moon)
Nearly a year after he made us rethink our stance on moody men with milky-white complexions, R-Patz returned to the big screen even paler, sulkier, and drop-dead sexier than ever.


Vote for Robert Pattinson as Shockwave's 'Hottest Male'   1 comment

Vote for Rob here!

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Robert Pattinson Comic Book Gets a New Cover and Preview Page   3 comments

See the preview page, after the jump!

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More Info on Robert Pattinson's Appearance on 'The View'   2 comments

That’s right, the Twilight heartthrob will make his very first appearance on The View March 2nd! Robert, dubbed as one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive,” will appear along with Emilie De Ravin, his co-star in the upcoming film Remember Me. (Emilie’s also back for the final season of Lost as Claire, so maybe she’ll have something to say about that too.)

Of course you know him as the sultry, brooding, sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga, Robert (a.k.a.“RPattz”) is a 23-year-old English actor, singer/musician and model who was first introduced to movie audiences as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Later, his starring role in Twilight catapulted him to instant stardom. The highly anticipated third installment, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be released later this year. Robert, who composes his own music, sings two of the songs on the Twilight soundtrack: “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign.”

If you have a question you’d like to see them ask Rob, please go to The View’s ABC website.

Thanks to MsJBell for the tip!

New Stills of Robert Pattinson In 'Remember Me'   12 comments

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