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Black & White Versions of the New Remember Stills   Leave a comment

Here are the black & white versions of the new Remember Me stills of Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin, Ruby Jerins, Tate Ellington, Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan.

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New Remember Me Stills & BTS Pics   17 comments

Here are some new stills of Robert Pattinson in Remember Me.

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33 Days Until Remember Me — Fanmade Art Countdown — Wallpaper   Leave a comment

For day 33 of our Fanmade art Remember Me countdown here’s a great wallpaper made by_RPattzLOVERS_

Happy Birthday Christy!!!!!   28 comments

It’s Christy’s birthday today and all of us at ToR and her friends wanted to take some time to wish her a happy birthday and tell her how much we care for her. If you don’t know who Christy is she’s one the ToR girls who keeps this site updated all the time.

Christy we have a lot of birthday wishes for you, but first I’ll start with ours:

Here’s a video just for you

From Shannon

Happy Birthday babe!!!!

Hope you have an amazing day. I’m so glad I’ve met you. You’re such an amazing person! I love ya girl.

(Psst Shannon was supposed to bring the chips but she forgot them)



Happy Birthday Christy!

I hope it’s a great day and a terrific year! Love ya lots!!


Happy Birthday Christy!

I am so glad that I’ve been able to get to know you over these months. You are a wonderful person, and a great friend! If I had access to Rob, I would request he call you up and give you a ‘personal’ *wink wink, nudge nudge* birthday greeting, but alas, I sadly do not. Such a travesty.

I don’t have the skillz necessary to create you a pretty picture…okay, fine, I’m just too lazy. With no skillz. Well, I have ninja skillz. But those don’t help in the photoshop arena. Anyhoo, I digress.
I love you, beautiful girl, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday! MWAH
Love to the nth,

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