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New Robert Pattinson interview with GALA – Germany   Leave a comment

Here’s a interview of Robert Pattinson with the German magazine – GALA
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  From Gala:
Interview without a hangover. Robert Pattinson used to suffer from hangovers during former press days, today he tells us how he grew up.
Robert Pattinson became world famous playing the vampire in the Twilight Saga. The 29 year old British actor has long grew out of the role that made him famous and has become a convincing talented character actor like in his new movie LIFE by Anton Corbijn. In this biopic Pattinson plays a photographer who meets James Dean in 1955 and documents his life until his tragic death. That the once talkative Patinson is out of the woods, is really showing during the interview. His fiance FKA Twigs he routinely leaves unmentioned and today he has sort of an apology for his former flippant use of alcohol…

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New Dior Pictures and Interview of Rob in Gala magazine – Germany   1 comment

We’ll add the translation as soon as we get it in!


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HQ Pics of Rob at the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala Honoring Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick   2 comments

Rob at the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala Honoring Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick presented by Gucci


The Daily Beast
And Hollywood it was: there was Jennifer Aniston and her new husband, Justin Theroux; Cameron Diaz setting up shop with one elbow on the bar while the party revolved around her; Pattinson deep in conversation with Florence Welch (who performed during dinner)

Wall Street Journal – Celebrities pick their favorite Kubrick film
Robert Pattinson: “Paths of Glory.”

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New Picture of Robert Pattinson and Gala Magazine Interviewer – Germany   1 comment

Here’s a new picture of Robert Pattinson. The scans of Robert Pattinson in Gala magazine are here

Thanks to schnuffel1990 / Via

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New Robert Pattinson Interview with – Germany   Leave a comment

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson interview with

Translation via @SparklingCullen

Do you remember the last time you have been incognito?
When has it been? Oh yeah, recently at a dinner. I was told at the reception that there’s a table with 18 persons next to mine. I thought knee-jerked “Oh no, a gaggle of teenagers?”. There have been 18 Asian kids but none knew me. I had the most relaxing dinner for ages. 
If you compare your life as a megastar with one of a guy from London who makes a night of, what are you missing most?
To meet new people. It sounds strange when somebody with my profession says this but I mean really get known new people. Mostly, I’m asking myself twice if I can trust people so the most relationships stay casually.

Whom did you adore when you were a teenager?
Puppy love wasn’t my thing. Maybe Arsenal London but that’s it.

Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz have an OSCAR at home, you are known as a teenage-swarm. How could you assert yourself?
It was very easy. You should always work with the best, it’s easy for you then. Reese and Christoph have been a kind of insurance package.

 In your movies, you’re suffering all the time. Must love always hurt?
When you look at my character in WfE, of course! Nearly every time I kiss Reese I get hurt afterwards (laughs)

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