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*VIDEO* New Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with Hoyts Insider Winner from BD2 LA Press Junket   1 comment

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New Breaking Dawn: Part II Still   Leave a comment

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*VIDEO* Great trailer of all the movies in one: Twilight Saga Ultimate trailer 2012   5 comments

We’ve seen all the clips already but this trailer is great: All the movies in one trailer


*SCANS* ‘Breaking Dawn: Part II’ in The Sunday Mirror   1 comment

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*VIDEO* Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with Chris Van Vliet   Leave a comment

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MTV: Image from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip Rob, Kristen & Taylor are presenting tonight   Leave a comment


Get Your Thinking of Rob BREAKING DAWN Part 2 poster signed for Jimmy Kimmel!   Leave a comment

We’ve made 3 different signs for those of you who will be attending the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with Robert Pattinsong as guest for Breaking Dawn part 2 on Monday November 5. You can print it and bring it with you to the show! They’re made by DreamySim1.  Tip: take a marker (dark and light) with you and something hard for underneath the sign so Rob & cast will be able to sign easily.

We’ll be making these three for every premiere and will be posting them as soon as they’re done 🙂

We’d love to see a pic of the signs at the venue and/or signed 🙂