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Robert Pattinson on The Boston Herald's List of Stars to Watch This Year   1 comment

Rob is on the Boston Herald’s List of stars to watch this year. The parts regarding Rob are below. To see the full article click here.

From the Boston Herald:

New stars are the lifeblood of Hollywood, and at least a dozen hopefuls are aspiring to get top billing in 2010.

Here are the faces to watch this year:

Robert Pattinson is this generation’s romantic idol, thanks to “The Twilight Saga,” while his co-star Kristen Stewart has achieved global notoriety as well.

This year will see each trying to show their versatility outside the human/vampire love story.

Pattison’s choice is “Remember Me,” while Stewart stars in the Sundance Film Festival-premiering “The Runaways,” as ’80s punk rocker Joan Jett.

Source: The Boston Herald thanks RobPattzNews for the tip