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Paul Wesley Thanks Twilight & Robert Pattinson For His Vampire Diaries Job


VF: Do you follow the Twilight series?
PW: “No, I have only seen a few scenes. But I have to thank Twilight because it gave me a job without Robert Pattinson and his films, I do not think that the Vampire Diaries would have been produced”

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Ian Somerhalder (Damon in the show) has said the same thing before

Ian: “Twilight is a huge phenomenon, quite possibly and inarguably, yes, we have a show because of it”


The Vampire Diaries Cast Talk About Robert Pattinson


Asked if they’ve ever experienced the same sort of craziness as fellow vamp Robert Pattinson, Ian admits, “People ask me to bite them a lot.” Paul, too. “A girl asked me to bite her as well, in a bar,” he tells us. Eek!

However, none of them are at the stage where they can’t leave the house. “We’re not that popular yet,” jokes Ian, as Paul adds, “He [R-Pattz] can’t even go out. Not even Johnny Depp is at his level. I don’t think I’d want that.” When we asked what it is about vampires that audiences can’t seem to get enough of, all three were in agreement that humans love the idea of “danger and love” together, with Ian explaining, “As a vampire you lose the constraints of a mortal human. Humans are lured to something that’s sexy and dangerous at the same time.” Ian, Nina and Paul are staying here in London for a few days to “hang out and be tourists” and Nina told us excitedly that she can’t wait to visit Topshop. Wise lady.

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