In Honour of Rob’s Birthday, Donate to Stand Up to Cancer and Get a Chance to Win a set of Vanity Fair 2009 and 2011 magazines   1 comment


In honour of Rob’s upcoming birthday, we’re asking people, as a gift to him, to donate to Stand Up to Cancer. Stand Up to Cancer is a cause Rob has backed before. We are all touched directly or indirectly by cancer. It’s a horrible disease that many have to live with each and every day. Therefore we think it would be great for people to donate to such a cause. You can donate here

Anyone who donates and sends us a proof of donation (you can block out the important information) will be entered to win a set of Vanity Fair 2009 and 2011 magazines, featuring two great shoots of Robert Pattinson.

NOTE: there will be only ONE winner, who get’s to win both magazines! The competition is worldwide and winners will be selected randomly from the mails we get.  The winner will be notified via mail and announced on the site here. Don’t forget to include your mail adress, so we can send you the magazines. You have until May 13, 2014 to enter!

To learn more about Stand Up to Cancer you can visit their site here

Need a reminder of what those magazines looked like again? ;)

Magazines01 Magazines02

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New Site! Please Encourage Us and Check it Out   Leave a comment


Hi all, 

We’ve been busy setting up a new site over the past few days. Are any of you fans of Veronica Mars? Are you fans of Logan Echolls’ portrayed by Jason Dohring? 

If so  check out our new site:

You can follow us on Twitter here:

And on Facebook here:

Please check it out! It would be great to have your support for our new project.

Fear not! We are still fully devoted to Rob and will keep you updated, as we always have. We’re very excited for The Rover and Maps to the Stars. You all have been great to us over the years and we appreciate each and every one of you. 



French Poster for ‘Maps to the Stars’   Leave a comment



NEW Still in UHQ of Robert Pattinson as Jerome in ‘Maps to the Stars’   Leave a comment



More new stills of other characters at the source | There’s a picture of Rob and Mia here, but that’s a picture we posted here in HQ.

Anton Corbijn mentions Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan on his website   Leave a comment



This photograph is our first publicity shot from the film LIFE that i am currently shooting in Canada and USA. It is the story of James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock, set in early 1955. In the back of the car sits Jimmy as played by Dane DeHaan and in the passenger seat is Dennis, played by Robert Pattinson. Both guys are fantastic and are giving the film very good energy despite the very harsh winter we encountered in Canada.

Anton Corbijn

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Old Still from The Rover – Full Version   Leave a comment

Here’s a still from The Rover that we previously posted, but it was cut. Here’s the full version. 



source, via 

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‘The Rover’ #1 on The Playlist’s ’40 Most Anticipated Films’   1 comment

From The Playlist

The temperatures are rising, the coats are going into storage, and the TV spots are getting more prevalent. That’s right, it’s almost time for summer movie season again. The months of May through August are traditionally the biggest in the multiplex calendar, but the lines have become increasingly blurred in recent years—if “Noah” and “Divergent” didn’t kick off blockbuster season, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” certainly did, and that was three weeks ago.

But even so, things are different from the first weekend of May onwards, with at least one blockbuster hitting every week until mid August or so. So, with the release of season opener “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ approaching (which we’ve already seen, and it’s fair to say that we’re not fans of), we thought we’d help you sort the wheat from the chaff by putting together the 40 films we’re most looking forward to over the next few months.

It’s an egalitarian mix of blockbusters and indies, united only by the fact that we’re looking forward to them, or in some cases we’ve already seen them


1. “The Rover”
Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy
Synopsis: In a war-torn future beset by financial collapse, a man trudges across the Australian desert to locate his stolen car and secure the mysterious cargo found inside.
Why It’s Worth Seeing: This is the first film for director David Michôd since his riveting debut “Animal Kingdom.” It’s been described as an existential western, and sees him reteam with Guy Pearce, with heartthrob Robert Pattinson and character actor favorite Scoot McNairy also on board. Michôd’s debut captured the sweeping scope of early Michael Mann mixed with Werner Herzog’s anthropological analysis of human behavior, crafting a debut that was both terrifying and utterly unforgettable. While he’s taking things in a vaguely sci-fi direction here, Michôd has promised that this will be a relatively grounded affair, a crime picture in the outback that could be indicative of a contemporary mashup of “Wake In Fright” (with the idea of an outsider stranded in the outback) and “Mad Max” (with its emphasis on vehicular action). It’s still under wraps beyond some impressive trailers, but more than anything else, we’re hopeful that a Midnight Screening premiere at Cannes bodes for this being something truly impressive. We’re tantalizingly close to finding out.
Release Date: June 13th.

Flashback Pic Post: Loads of Robert Pattinson Edits – Cannes   Leave a comment

Here are loads of Robert Pattinson edits from Cannes



More after the jump! 

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The Rover – UHQ Posters, HQ Still and press release   3 comments

Here are NEW posters, still and the press release for ‘The Rover’

1017008_783797891630611_5261790195646826075_n (2)

Click for UHQ versions

English version

We’ve seen this one as scan, now we have the full still in HQ


Read the press release after the jump

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