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SCAN: New picture of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme   Leave a comment

Here’s new photo of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme


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Robert Pattinson on the cover of NME Magazine   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson on the cover of NME Magazine


From NME

Robert Pattinson is to appear on the cover of this week’s new, free weekly NME magazine.

For the exclusive feature interview NME spoke to Pattinson about life after Twilight, his new role in Life – the story of a photographer’s friendship with James Dean – and the scrutiny his relationship with FKA Twigs has received.

In the latest issue – available on Friday September 25NME’s greatest-ever franchise is back in the shape of Peter Robinson Versus. Peter’s second interviewee is Carly Rae Jepsen.NME’s brand new columnist, comedian Katherine Ryan, also returns with her latest controversial piece.

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson’s interview in TimeOut London   2 comments


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NEW Robert Pattinson’s interview in ‘The Sunday Times’   4 comments

Here’s Robert Pattinson’s interview in ‘The Sunday Times’ – Out tomorrow!


The best thing about Robert Pattinson is how weird he is. If he weren’t acting, he’d be the one in the office grinning with half a mouth and going out of his way to avoid the water cooler. He’s friendly, but weird — with a laugh like Butt-head if he’d gone to a nice independent school in Barnes. We met in May at the Cannes film festival, once he’d finished his cigarette under a sky barely holding its rain. To call his clothes “grunge” would be a disservice to the thought that goes into grunge. It’s just messy: lumberjack shirt, T-shirt, trainers, white jeans. “I’m so hung-over,” he moans, as I turn the tape on. “I feel absolutely disgusting.”

The room is packed with soggy hacks. They sit in clusters, for 15 minutes of R-Patz, for a quote about Twilight to spread over the internet. The vampire saga is over, but remains undead. From 2008 to 2012, those five films, based on Stephenie Meyer’s novels, made £2 billion worldwide and fostered a fan base still fervently in love with their leading man. To many, he will always be Edward, the immortal who cared and fell in love with Bella (Kristen Stewart). They added to the mystique by becoming an off-screen couple, too. Throw in his key role in Harry Potter and it’s unsurprising that the pallid hunk has spent much of his life in the headlines. It’s been an odd coming-of-age for the youngest of three, who grew up in a polite London suburb and, as I find out, doesn’t really like big films.

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview in SFX Magazine   1 comment

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview in SFX Magazine – click to read


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Short Interview with Robert Pattinson in VSD Magazine (France) – Scan + Translation   Leave a comment


Scan and translation thanks to Le Rpattz Club

A Hardworking Pupil

The former vampire of The Twilight Saga was one the starS in Cannes where he presented The Rover, a radical road movie.

“I’m starting to like it”. Outside, a huge wind is sweepinp across La Croisette. But this time, Robert Pattinson is not responsible. They are real blast of winds that are trying to destroy the tent that has been set up on the terrace in the Palais des Festivals. The actor will trigger off a tornado in the evening while he was going up the stairs for the midnight screening of The Rover. Since the selection of Cosmopolis last year [in 2012], Pattinson feels at home in Cannes “When I saw the reactions to the film, I thought I was on the right path. I started to be recognized as a true actor, not as the Twilight hearthrob anymore.”

However we won’t see The Rover as a mere excuse to achieve it. The movie made by the Asutralian director, David Michôd, known for Animal Kingdom, should stay as one of the striking alien movie this year. We discover an Australia burdened by an economic apocalypse, a guy (Guy Pearce who is aweseome) angered by the robbery of the only thing he had: his car. The quest to get it back becomes an obsession. And the corpses are going to add up. We think a lot to Mad Max, another post apocalyptic australian delirium and we are admirative in front of the project’s radicalism. (A few words but a lot of driving). Nihilism to which Pattinson, with rotten teeth, contributes. We’ll soon find him with another crazy director, Werner Herzog “I will never deny the Twilight era. But I love the cinema. I’m currently buying tons and tons of DVDs, in order to improve my movie culture. In front of Herzog, I behaved like a fan. I still have a lot to learn.”



*SCAN* The Rover: New Robert Pattinson interview with Total Film   1 comment

New Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and David Michôd interview with ‘Total Film’




Michôd had never seen the Twilight movies, and though he knew of Pattinson’s clout when he agreed to meet with the star, he expected a chilsel-cheeked airhead who he’d swiftly reject. Only he liked Pattinson, dug his attitude, aspirations and taste in cinema, and offered him the chance to audition. Yes, audition.

“I’ve never worked so hard for an audition,” whistles Pattinson, who makes for a surprisingly shy and goofy presence, dressed down in a flannel shirt. “I was running lines 12 hours a day, for two weeks. I was obsessed.” Rey is timid, damaged and slow-witted, drawling his words in southern American accent; he and his brother have come to Australia to try and take advantage of mining opportunities. Pattinson, upon lading the role, was given free reign by Michôd to play Rey as he wished and create his own backstory.

“I thought he wasn’t mentally handicapped at all, but was someone who had been told he was his whole life,” he explains. “It’s more about confidence. He grew up with rough people around him. People kept telling him to shut up and they beat him up all the time – eventually you get to the point where you don’t have a personality at all. You only do what people tell you. It happens to people who are bullied. So when Eric asks him questions, it’s literally the first time he’s ever had to deal with the situation. That’s why he likes Eric even though he’s a bit of an asshole.”

Eric’s questions, mind you, are mostly of the ‘where’s your no-good brother so I can kick his skinny ass’ variety. That said, a mutual trust develops between the pair, even if Michôd is at pains to not go down the Hollywood route of buddy bonding. Both Pearce and Pattinson impress in their roles, and it was their dynamic that was of the most importance to Michôd.


It was a tough shoot, with temperatures of 122 degrees, but Pattinson and Pearce were not complaining. “I kind of liked it!” laughs Pattinson. “If you were trying to play someone who wasn’t filthy and disgusting all the time, then it would have been annoying – having someone constantly get rid of your sweat or something. But when you wallow around in it, it’s kind of nice! We both got sunburned and looked like shit. There wasn’t anything to eat out there, so I’d been eating slices of bread with BBQ sauce on for six weeks. You turn into a fucking lunatic.”

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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson in Le Figaro   1 comment



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SCAN: ‘LIFE’ in Total Film UK magazine   Leave a comment



New still of Robert Pattinson in ‘The Rover’ in Entertainment Weekly   1 comment

New still of Robert Pattinson as Rey in ‘The Rover’



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