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…Says the Sexiest Man Alive, Robert Pattinson, even as he discloses how he loves all the attention, and why he did a bare all in

How did you prepare for your role?
Getting in to character was the first thing I needed to do and for that Physical fitness was the priority and my only concern. I remember, before Twilight, I never worried much about exercising my abs out, but for being Edward, I did every freaking thing possible. Regularly for 2-3 months, I ran for two hours daily and had a three-hour long session of kickboxing followed by hitting the gym for some weight training and abdomen crunches. In addition, I was on a stringent diet regime too. I was just trying to lose every ounce of body fat, so when I took off my shirt, I would look like an alien.

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Are you enjoying all the attention that you are getting?
Before Twilight people use to complain about a lot of things in me like my chest hair and I must say post Twilight it’s about me wearing same clothes. I got more compliments over complaints though, when I heard people say, ‘He wears same clothes, wow that’s so cool and real.’ Actually, I don’t mind wearing what I have worn before; after all they are all my clothes I am wearing. It has got nothing to do with keeping the paparazzi away. I do not desperately repeat the clothes. It is just by chance and sometimes in shortage of time, in fact a couple of times while promotion. I guess people like me as I am. And yeah, I am enjoying all the attention I am getting, ’coz it was my choice to be an actor first. So whatever the results, I have to accept.

How do titles like – sexiest man alive, make you feel?
Who won’t like being called the sexiest person? Well, actually I don’t know whether I am sexy or not. How could I comment about myself? Ask others I guess. I am ok with such tags as far as there is no stereotyping. But yes, I would like to rename the title to The Sexiest Actor instead of just Man. After all I am an actor first.

Your favourite stars – male and female? Whose position do you envy? Who would you like to be?
Jack Nicholson in male, I always wanted to be like him since my childhood. I used to try and be like him in whatever I did. I copied his accent, dressed like him. I do not envy him but yes he was my source of aspiration I must say. Among favourite actresses, actually there are many but yes, Kristen Stewart has impressed me and the whole world, with her acting skills at such an early age.

You have flaunted your bare body a lot in the Twilight…
That was ’coz the character demanded it. In my opinion, it is the USP of Edward Cullen.

You have been linked up with a lot of women. Who’s your girlfriend?
I do not have any girlfriend and neither do I want one, considering the environment I am in now. I am only reading books and watching films always. I am quite a bore kinda person you know. If I’d have a girlfriend, why would I shy away from the media glare and letting my fans know?

Have you watched any Bollywood movies? Do you know any people from Bollywood?
No, I haven’t seen any Indian film yet. Though I have seen a couple of Hollywood films having an Indian touch and that’s where I see Indian actors and they are great-great performers. Names are hard to recall you know. Then this year’s Oscar showed us glimpses of Indian actors and India in Hollywood while Slumdog swept all the awards, so I guess it is needless saying how far the Indian cinema has come.

Have you been approached by any Bollywood movie makers for a film, except by Mira Nair for Vanity Fair?
Not yet, but I won’t mind working abroad if it is a good project and has some potential for me to perform as an actor instead of adding just a name. There is no reason though for this choiceBut at this time, I am too busy with my current commitments. And once these projects are over, I must look for a short break for making some music may be.

Any plans of visiting India? What do you know about this country?
Yes, I know in bits about India. Also the ongoing Indian and Hollywood associations have a lot to keep an eye on. Our actors are moving East and so is the Indian film industry moving here. Well it’s really good to have an exchange of cultures through the world’s strongest medium of communication, Films, which influences heterogeneous masses. Yes, I’d love to be there in near future, and why not? It is such a nice place. I went to Japan for promotion of our film, I wish I could have come to India too then. Apart from films, I know there is some real cool music in different genres and food that stirs the taste buds in India.

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