Robert Pattinson Interview With Joy Magazine in Germany


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‘Women swamp me’

The man with the magic stare is and will be Hollywood’s hottest vampire. Robert Pattinson sat down with JOY author Frances Schoenberger and talked about the Twilight sequel, co-star kristen Stewart – and his secret fears.

Robert Pattinson slips through a hidden entry into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and greets me with a shy ‘hello’. Plaid shirt, black leather jacket and sporting stubble: the 6ft tall Brit seems more like a casual bohemian rather than the most wanted celebrity. I have the feeling he doesn’t like the spotlight on himself: His eyes keep wandering to the floor. However, it’s exactly that, his vulnerability and insecurity that sum up his incredible charisma.

JOY: When I met you last year you were still a newcomer to this business. Despite your breakthrough career you don’t seem to have changed. You still appear down-to-earth, showing up to an interview by yourself. Do you pass on an entourage?
RP: Having lots of people surrounding me permanently makes me nervous. I don’t need an assistant or a mentor. The more people hover over you the more people will try to tell you what to do. I don’t care about their opinions most of the time (laughs). Although I should try not to be too self-deprecating when being interviewed and to not put myself down all the time because fans will probably think ‘It’s true, he IS an idiot.’ (laughs)

JOY: The first Twilight movie pitchforked you on the crest of the wave. How did your every day life change with all the fame?
RP: Most of the time I don’t even notice being a celebrity because I’m constantly working. We started shooting New Moon right after we finished Twilight and right now we are already working on Eclipse. On the set, it doesn’t matter if I’m famous or not. I get up at 5 in the morning and when I go home at night I’m so tired that I just want to sleep.

JOY: Which part of the fame don’t you like?
RP: It truly is bizarre, how the press keeps lunging at me and how much they find to say about me. That means that I can’t go out as much – I need to hide when needed or lay false trails. I mean, I don’t have issues with people chatting me up on the street but if there is a bunch of girls swamping me, things get out of hand.

JOY: Dakota Fanning, who plays the evil vampire girl Jane, explains the hype of the female fans as such: ‘Edward is the perfect man, he is handsome and has great hair.’ What do you think about that?
RP: If all that matters is being attractive and have great hair, those aren’t tough conditions, I’m not sure if I can live up to them though (laughs).

JOY: What’s the difference between you and Edward?
RP: I, too, have bad hair days (laughs).

JOY: What was it like to work with Kristen Stewart again? Did your relationship evolve even more after working on New Moon?
RP: I love working with someone that I really like. She’s been a great co-actor ever since we started shooting Twilight. Edward’s authenticity depends on her performance and vice versa. We challenge each other.

JOY: Would you say it’s easier to fall in love on a movie set?
RP: Of course we spend a huge amount of time together but that doesn’t mean I fall in love with all my co-stars. That would have meant starting a love affair with Javier Beltran after shooting Little Ashes (laughs).

JOY: The female fans are all over the forbidden love between Bella and Edward. Do you think there is also a part, male fans can relate to?
RP: New Moon of all the movies provides the most exciting plot: because Edward is so in love with Bella, he is going through permanent self-doubt, thinking he’s not good enough for her. That way he destroys the relationship. I think every man can relate to that because we can be pretty confused when being in love!

JOY: What does your family in England think about the Twilight hype?
RP: I don’t think they even notice it that much. The other day my mom called to tell me she liked the shirt I was wearing in a picture. Up to this point my parents have hardly been affected by the paparazzi. They are just really nice people, a story about them would be rather boring. When my sister visited me in LA the other day she was shocked about how many magazines had my picture on their covers.

JOY: When was the last time you visited England?
RP: Almost a year ago when i was finally off work for 3 days. After that I only saw my parents at the New Moon premier but we are planning to celebrate christmas together!

JOY: Back in London you were the singer in a band called ‘Bad Girls’. Will there be any performances in the future?
RP: I am still writing songs and if I happen to have enough time it is a possibility. Singing used to be a hobby of mine but now there would be a lot of people listening, or even criticize me. That scares me!

JOY: What is your next project?
RP: Next year I will be in New Mexico, shooting a western movie called Unbound Captives, together with Hugh Jackman. This role will be so far off from the role of Edward, noone will be able to compare them. My dad is really looking forward to that movie. He is better with horses than with vampires (laughs).