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Here are two great fan encounters from Rob’s appearance on Regis & Kelly.“I always have liked to make the first “phone call” after a first date. Perhaps it’s a little unorthodox, but as the saying goes, “Well behaved women rarely make history”.

So I think our “date” went well. I was so glad you didn’t mind that I brought one of my best friends Suz along, and, after all, you spent most of your time with Regis and Kelly. Oh, and I’m really sorry for Suz’s outburst(When Regis asked “What is it about the whole Vampire thing with women, is it the biting, the blood sucking, what?” yeah, she was the one who responded “YES!” from the audience… what can I say, you are outburst worthy. :)I think the conversation went well. You were completely charming as always. The comment about “Twi-Mom’s” always looking too young.. Pure perfection! You certainly are learning how to work a crowd!I have to be honest though. I had a really hard time listening to what you were saying. There you were about 8 feet away from me; the only thing coming between us was a television camera from time to time. I was trying to listen, and take pictures, because you are a busy man and who knows when we will have a chance to do this again. So I did spend a lot of time looking at you through my camera lens. The show went in a blur.
The first commercial break came, and you were taken to the opposite side of the room from where you greeted a few audience members, a couple of photos and a few autographs. The pure joy you bring to your fans when you approach them is such a special thing to watch.
The rest of their story, after the jump!A few brief minutes and you were back in front of the room, live TV you know.. and you were introducing a clip from New Moon, and then your segment of the show was done, concluding with another commercial break.

That was when our special time began. You approach us with purpose, and we quickly got through the pleasantries of handshakes and introductions. And then you asked if we would like a picture with you. Of course I did.. as I said you are a busy guy and who knows when our paths will cross again.

I handed my camera off to another audience member and apparently, she was so transfixed by you that she couldn’t take her eyes off of you and she forgot to look at the screen on the back of the camera to see what she was taking a picture of. And so I offer you the two pictures of you and me together.

And then you did something that will forever hold your place in my heart. You looked at me, and asked if we got the picture, and when I replied that I didn’t think so, you told me, “Let’s take another”.

There, in a room full of people demanding your attention, and your limited and precious time, you were willing to give me more. After the past few weeks of going non-stop, doing publicity for the movie, being screamed at and groped, little sleep, and desperately in need of a break, you offered me more of your time.I could not, in good conscience, let you give more of yourself away, and told you that it was OK, that there were others who wanted to meet you, and I remember my hand was on your elbow and I gave it a squeeze, as I reluctantly sent you on your way.
You turned slightly away, signed an autograph on the poster of a young girl, a couple of quick “R’s” on some other things thrust at you and then you were whisked away, on to your next engagement.

Not bad for a first date. I’ve had worse. I think, when you have more time, we should try it again, maybe with a smaller group. We could have a few of your friends, and a few of mine, a lot less screaming and perhaps a bit later in the day.

When people ask me how I think it went and if I have any regrets I would have to tell them our date was an absolute success, and as for regrets, I only have three:

1) I wish we had had more time

2) I wish the picture of us on my camera had come out(or that I was looking the right direction for the picture taken with Suz’s camera)

3)I wish I knew what happened to the Sharpie pens that were in the bag that was taken back stage containing things for you to sign if you have a chance. We got the bag back with our things that you didn’t have a chance to sign (no worries there) but the three sharpie pens were missing.
Oh, I just thought of one more thing

4)I wish you gotten the homemade cookies Suz had baked and included in the bag for you. You really missed out on those.

All in all, I think we are off to a good start here. I also think that when you have time you should drop me a line and we can see what we can do about getting together again. I really believe that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.:)

All joking aside, I wish I could find the words to express all that I felt that day. It’s not often something, or someone gives me a reason to dance on Columbus Avenue while hailing a cab, but I had a damn good reason to do it yesterday!

Thank you, for being you and for being willing to give me an unforgettable moment. I am aware, as I have stated before, that I was merely a drop in the ocean that was the promotional tour for “New Moon” let alone the even bigger ocean that is your life. But I will treasure that gift of your time always! You are a very special and beautiful soul, and I count myself lucky each day to wake in a world where you exist, and where you are able to do what you do.”

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  1. wow… how awesome is that?? SO incredibly jealous right now, and so incredibly honored you shared your story with us commoners, lol… That’s hilarious about Suz’s outburst, LMAO… cuz I totally remember hearing that and thinking, yep, that would have been me if I was there, too, LOL 😀

    Also so glad to know that even though Nick said “no time” he’s like “I got time” I’m like whoa, that was great!!! AWESOME… words actually can’t describe it… he made the time, all it takes is a couple mins… 😀 of course longer would be good, but hey, you’ve had more time with the man than I have, or probably will ever!!! *sigh*

    awesome awesome post!

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