Our Top 75 Favorite Rob Pics of 2009 – Now it's Your Turn to Choose   65 comments

Christy, Shannon, Vanessa and I picked our favorite Rob pics of 2009. It was pretty hard to pick since we could only choose 20 each. But here is what we came up with. Vote in the comments for your favorite Rob pic of 2009 in the ones we choose. We’ll be posting the 5 favorite pics next week.


See the rest of the pics after the jump!

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65 responses to “Our Top 75 Favorite Rob Pics of 2009 – Now it's Your Turn to Choose

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  1. Oh God. Too many to choose from. I’ll have to think about this. BBL

  2. Dear professional photographers: Please note in how many of these pictures he is smiling or grinning. Proportionally, he is brooding in most of the professional photoshoots. We like happy… we like the occasional brood, but that smile is lovely. Keep ’em coming!

  3. It’s way too hard to just pick one .. but if I have to narrow it done to just the one.. I will have to say that this one is my favourite ..

  4. Why are you torturing us? How can we choose??
    Well I did anyway: https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/010VF.jpg

  5. FAINT

  6. this one i love this whole photoshoot

  7. ohh!! las amee baje todas las fotos!!! si RP me besara podría morir en paz!
    lo amo!!!! i love so much!! Robert Pattinson kiss me I die!!!! xD

  8. Omigod. It’s soo hard. But I like the second last one and the last pic..hehehe….but the pics from vanity fair photoshoot are hot…

  9. I like the last one…go on Rob…Jump and I’ll catch you….

  10. No matter how much I love some Rob, I just don’t want to see *anyone* eating corn! lol…

  11. First, it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose. Second, we can only pick ONE out of the choices above????????????????? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, if I can only choose one from the pics above… https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/014VF.jpg This one always takes my breath away.

  12. OK, I love this one too. https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/114.jpg
    I love many of the other pics too. It really is WAY too hard to choose!!!!

  13. This one isn’t my pic, but I’m so happy that it was a choice. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/gallery_enlarged-robert-pattinson-new-moon-2-premiere-red-carpet-photos-11162009-04.jpg

    This on IS my pick, even though it was very difficult. So many good ones! https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/010VF.jpg

    (Even though it’s not a choice, I think this deserves an honorable mention. Lol. http://i45.tinypic.com/10zmnvt.jpg )


  15. When he’s posing–and brooding–for the camera, he’s very handsome and sexy, no doubt about it. But when he smiles and laughs, his sweetness and charm shine through, and THAT is why he’s so appealing to so many people. So I’ll take any of the pictures of Rob laughing or smiling.

  16. oh my god!!!! he is hot in all of them how can i possibly pick just one! absolutely love the vanity fair ones for sure, but anything where he is smiling always gets me too.

  17. Rob and Hugh: my fovorite men togheter. *çççççç*

  18. ouf. There are so many pitctures & they are all cute. It was very difficult to choose.

    that’s my favourite

    He looks awesome.

  19. This is really hard but I think that one is the best- sexy and dark 🙂 and he looks like a man :)))

  20. This is torture. I’m not sure I love you guys anymore. I mean, I love that you put up all the pics, but I hate that you make me choose. I want all of them baby! LOL

    Alright. If I really have to choose, it’s this one: https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/132.jpg

  21. Oh my god way too much hard to choose, that’s nearly impossible he is so hot, and cute and so so so everything, but nevertheless after seeing them all I would pick this one:

    but I’m not sure, I … well ok let’s go for this one!
    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo luv that, genius idea!

  22. I like the photos where he is smiling… adorable…. I choose the one in Cannes Film Festival…

  23. I adore them all, how can I not???? While I’m busy drooling, I think my favorite one is this!!!


  24. All of them are my favorites but to pick just one, it would have to be the one with the cigarette in his mouth and shoe in his hand. Just something so sexy about that, like he is sneaking out of my back door. “snicker”

  25. Has to be the London ones! I was there!!!!!

  26. Can’t choose…it’s too hard…so many that I love.

    I’m going to say this one…but this one is of the many many pics of Rob that I love…and because we have to choose one.


  27. Is very difficult to choose between so many … this man is very beautiful, photogenic and deserves our care and love, but now I have to choose one: https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/141.jpg

    I loved all the pictures of Cannes and Vanity Fair!!!

  28. OMG that’s an impossible decision to make. I LOVE the first (and biggest) one, but then I LOVE each and every photo on here. How can you choose? How can I choose? It’s crazy. He is so mouth watering. *beats head on brick wall* Sorry…I need to go look at them again.

  29. So hard to choose…but I pick this one:

    Those eyes kill me!

  30. Okay if I HAVE to choose.. https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/191.jpg

    but that’s cause I got a kick out of seeing Kris’ picture over his shoulder. She always seems to be around in some form or ‘tother. The pic with the ciggy hanging out of his mouth and the shoe dangling is second. And any picture here would be good enough for first place so I’ll be happy regardless. (choosing just one picture..shakes head)

  31. Beautiful Bastard!

  32. I´m soooo in love with this One:

    His Eyes…. OMG!!!

  33. So FP, this one is one of your pic?

    bc I agree, it’s MAJORLY DA BOMB. I mean it’s an amazing shot.

  34. Oh, they’re all very nice, but my favourite is this one:

    i have actually another one, but it’s not on your list 🙂

  35. it’s so hard to choose. but maybe i’ll go with the 1st pict. i use it as my avatar on disquss for months. smiley Rob is great too. everytime he smiles and laugh, i just cant help to smile too 🙂

  36. I can’t pick just one :p So I’ll pick 3. 3 is still bordering impossible lol

    I love this one because he rarely seems at ease like in this picture. The piano may have something to do with it 😉

    Also a side of him that we don’t see much: the goofy, loving side

    And this is just utter PERFECTION. If I am in love with one particular bodypart of his, it must be his lips… they are gonna be my undoing. Seriously.

  37. All stunning, all beautiful, but here’s one only because I had to pick only one!

  38. going down number 14…B&W leaning a on wall one leg(foot)on wall. Love this one!

  39. It’s so hard to choose just one, but I made my pic based on the fact that this pic distracted me for an entire day when it came out. I just couldn’t stop staring so there must be something special about it. https://thinkingofrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/1189.jpg

  40. He looks so good… 🙂

  41. #21 that is all.lol

  42. great

  43. miracle

  44. pic #114. Beautiful.

  45. Great Photo…but it´s hard to choose^^ they´re all so beutiful

  46. You ladies are seriously dedicated!! I don’t think there is anyway I could narrow down my favorite Rob pix to a thousand, let alone 20! Choosing a ‘favorite’ photo of Rob is like choosing your ‘favorite’ child. Quite impossible. Every picture of Rob from any photoshoot, public appearance, film role is truly more amazing than the last. The man is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on. Truly he is! Whether he is laughing, brooding, smiling, deep in thought, or being completely adorkable, there is noone else like him!
    Vanity Fair, GQ, MTV Movie Awards, Remember Me, Japan, Mexico, London, Cannes, etc. So much beauty!
    So with a deep breath and a heavy sigh I am going to do the impossible now, I am going to choose just one.
    After careful study, I think my favorite picture of this lot has to be the one of Rob in Japan so deep in thought. Just have to wonder what he could possibly be thinking about at that very moment. Such a beautiful shot.

    Thank you for all you do at ToR and for keeping all of us Rob gals so entertained! Look forward to all the beautiful things to come in 2010!

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