Robert Pattinson In France's Premiere Magazine

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I translated the small article for you. The quote from Rob is from the interview he did with Premiere back in May in Italy.

Here’s the translation:

Do dozens of girls ask you to bite their neck daily? That’s the difference between you and Robert Pattinson. At 23, the British actor, who’s name was far down on the generic of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 18 months ago, has completely redefined the sense of the word “adulation”. Chased by hundreds of fans when he goes out who scream: “Roooooob and Edward Cullen” his character in Twilight, has turned the heads of everyone worldwide. Compared to the hysteria generated for this young man, the DiCapriomania in 1994, almost seems small.

Is there a life after Twilight for Robert Pattinson? The actor doesn’t seem worried (neither are we): “When I go to auditions for new projects, none of my interlocutors seem preoccupied by the amalgamation of Edward Cullen and I, they would let me play a woman I think.”

Gossip_Dance via Robert Pattinson Life