2009 Remember Me Wallpaper Recap – 31 Wallpapers and a Request   9 comments

Here is a recap of all the Remember Me wallpapers we posted this year, which brings us to 31 Remember Me wallpapers in total. The majority of these wallpapers were made by DreamySim1, halvir09, CandyKizzeS24 and  CSI_Kat who are amazing and keep us in constant wallpaper supply.

Since Remember Me will be here soon (squeee!) I’m doing another shout out for Remember Me  fan made art. Can you tell I’m excited? We did this a while back, you can find the post here. So send us your Remember Me wallpapers, graphics, icons, etc…  and we’ll do a round up post in a week or so :). You can e-mail them to us at thinkingofrob@hotmail.com.

Click on the wallpapers to make them huge

More wallpapers after the jump!

9 responses to “2009 Remember Me Wallpaper Recap – 31 Wallpapers and a Request

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  2. As I said on FB, I absolutely love these. Stunning work. I can’t wait for Remember Me.

  3. wooooot :D!

  4. These wallpapers are just too good, it hurts! I miss seeing him in pictures, so thanks for posting this.

  5. *giggles* you missed a few of mine LOL. No worries they’re on my site 😉

  6. He’s so effin hot in this movie.. *licks screen*

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