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A week or so ago we asked people to send in their Remember Me fan art. We received some great posters, wallpapers and icons. Everyone did an amazing job! Here they are:

Maria sent us these 2 great Remember Me wallpapers


More after the jump!

She made another one which is great but has slight spoilers. You can check it here.

This wallpaper was made by Danielcr12


Kat made these ones



Corr made these a while ago



Sammie from RememberMeMovie on LiveJournal made the poster below which is awesome!


This is my contribution, I am no where near as good as any of the others on here.

RM_set_30_8882 (2)

Melainii made the rest of these pics and buttons. She made alot and they’re great!Since the gallery groups everything together what you don’t see above was made by her.



And I’ll finish off with my Remember Me trailer (No major spoilers but it does have a few lines from the script.


17 responses to “Remember Me Fanmade art

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  2. The one poster that you have uncredited is by mizramanips from the LiveJournal RM group. I told Patti I would contact the girl who made it and see if she’d be willing to let her use it on It is wonderfully done.

    • Thanks for the info! I didn’t even know there was a Remember Me group. I do know Patti however. We’re affiliates. 🙂 But I’ll remove the poster until you can contact her.

      • Don’t take it down. I just heard back from her, and she says her name (Mizramanip) is on the poster under “art direction”. LOL! Her real name is Sammie if you want to credit.

        The LiveJournal site is called RememberMeMovie, although it has been pretty quiet lately. I expect it will pick up soon. Also, I am Deanna, and I contribute to Patti’s site from time to time, and we facilitate discussions on the Remember Me IMDB message board together. I am happy to help you all and this film in any way I can.

  3. He also played Salvador Dali in “Little Ashes”

  4. God, the mother load of Tyler!!! Excellent work ladies.

  5. I remember those icons being in the Rob challenge one time. I liked the coloring and glow/motion blur effect. Different than what was out there. Thanks for sharing!

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