Your Top 5 Pics of Robert Pattinson from 2009

Last week we picked our top 75 pics of Robert Pattinson from 2009. It was really hard, and we could only pick 20 each. You can check out the post here. We asked you to pick your favorite. Since you guys probably had as much trouble deciding  as we did, we ended up with 9 favorite pics instead of 5. The Vanity Fair photoshoot definitely dominated your favorite pics of 2009 with 4 of the 9 pics being from that photoshoot . Here are your top 9 favorite pics of 2009.

This one came in as the top favorite with the most votes.

More pics after the jump!

This one came in at #2

#3 and 4 was a tie between a pic of Rob in Japan and a VF pic

Tied at #5  we had five pics: One of Rob on the set of Remember Me, one of him in Cannes, one at the LA Press junket , one from US Weekly and one, surprise,  from Vanity Fair.

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