Happy New Year From All of Us Here at ToR   55 comments

As the clock starts hitting 12:00AM around the world today for people first in New Zealand, then Australia and Asia and tomorrow for people in Europe, Africa, North America and South America we’d like to take a few moments to give you our best wishes.

We wish you all the best for 2010. May the coming year bring you health, happiness and prosperity. It’s been great having you guys here at ToR. We’re looking forward to another great year with you guys! Have a great New Years!

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all of those who have helped us along the way as well. Corrina, who unfortunately is no longer here, we miss you Corrina. DreamySim1 who is simply amazing and her great site In My Dreams. JAG from Random Acts of Rob, AmberRMW from Rob My World and of course her husband theshagdaddy who went on a date with Cardboard Rob and keeps counting the days down to Remember Me for us. Jackie from Edward Cullen Net, Amber from Eyes of Amber , Kim from Robert Pattinson Unlimited (Where are you Kim?) The girls from The Fandom Gives Back who did an amazing job at gathering a huge amount of money for the charity Alex’s Lemonade,  Amcas from Why not? Twilight, Rpattz and Me, the gals over at Twilight Ladies, Irish Twilight Sisters, Le Monde de Francesca, Pattinson Italia, Cullen Boys Anonymous, Twifans, Robnipulations, Team Twilight, Robmusement and Robert Pattinson Life. LMCullen from NMM.org and Eclipse.org. Schelmy, because she’s awesome and even though you guys don’t see it she does alot behind the scenes for ToR. A huge thanks to CandyKizzeS24 , CSI_Kat and of course DreamySim1 for the amazing wallpapers they supply us with all year long. Last but not least, our partners over at Pattinson Online who are amazing, Isabel, Joy, Janna, you know it 😉

All the girls who make amazing vids: Biel, Natalia, DarkSoulVamp,Susie, sanyiaa and so many others! You guys have amazing talent! And of course each and everyone of you who visit ToR, who follow us on Twitter, etc…

Phew I feel like I just did an Oscar speech, but how many times a year do you get to tell people you appreciate them? We should do it more often but unfortunately sometimes we just don’t find the time.

DreamySim1 made an amazing New Years Wallpaper for you guys. Here it is, click to make it bigger.

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55 responses to “Happy New Year From All of Us Here at ToR

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  1. It’s the 31st in New Zealand too 😡
    And we’re ahead of Australia, so we’ll be seeing the new year first 😦

  2. Awwww… thanks for the shout out babe! I am totes here for you and looking forward to another Robilicious year!!

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  4. I lurve you guys. Cant wait for 2010 and to follow rob goodies with you lot of dolls. Thanks for the mention.

    Love you hard




  5. Awww…crap that was sweet. Now I am feeling all *warm misty grins*…

    It is so much fun watching you grow. I have really enjoyed you this year and look forward to the year ahead.

    *raises glass to TOR*. Here’s to you guys! All the best for the New Year and Always!

    I ❤ U Man!!!!!!!!!!! 😀





  6. What else can I say but thanks for all the Rob Goodness you’ve brought our way so far this year and here’s to another year ahead of lots of Rob deliciousness,sexiness,craziness and whateverness!!!!!Happy,happy Joy,Joy New RobYear!!!!

  7. Awww… That’s so sweet!
    A big and warm “Thank you” on the behalf of all TL team! You are GREAT!
    We wish you all the best! Have a wonderful 2010 and keep up the good work!

    Love and kisses,
    Ljubljana – Twilight Ladies

  8. Nostalgia is kicking in. I remember when you started ToR JustFP (back on your RAoR days *wink*) … when you reached #2 Top site and beat out CNN for top post. Great achievements!

    Your site is now known worldwide because of it’s quality and integrity so a BIG congratulations. Did you ever imagine how huge ToR would become?

    Wishing you and the other lovely ToR ladies a Happy New Year and continued success in 2010! Thanks for always bringing us the lovely pics & wallpapers, great articles, videos and latest news.

    Bonne et heureuse année!

  9. Sweet tweeps of ToR

    In the short time I’ve come out of my Rob-closet over at RAoR you were always there adn you were one of the first to post my creations.
    I think you are amazing and love you for all the hard work you put in to giving us the hotness online.
    I wish all of u all the best for the new year!

    Mucho Love from moi!

    ❤ DreamySim1

    • Sweet Dreamy,

      I remember the first time you talked to me. I was looking for a banner and you said you could do it. You sent me 10 in less than an hour each one more amazing than the next. I’m glad I had and still have the chance to get to know you on Twitter wifey. *Mwah* You’re an amazing person.

  10. Happy new year girls. It’s been great finding and reading ToR and even more fun LMAO at some of the stuff you write on twitter. You are the best! ❤ you all.

  11. Awwww thank you ToR, I wish you the best for 2010, I love you girls! ?

  12. Happy New Year! 🙂
    Pozdrowienia z Polski 😉

  13. This is so sweet!

    Thanks for all! And Happy New Year to you too!


  14. Happy New Year to all of you!!! THANX for your great work, guys!!!
    You making me smile, everytime I visit this site…. 🙂

    All the best for 2010!!!

  15. ((HUGS))
    Wishing you all a Safe & Prosperous New Year and may we all have fun in the fandom in 2010


  16. HOLD ME FP… I feel like crying at this Oscar speech. Can I record a New Year song & post it?

  17. A HUUUUUUGE THANK YOU and a Rob-filled Happy New Year to all!

    And, er… Happy New Year to Rob, wherever he is! I hope he catches a lot of rest, because 2010 will be even more exciting than 2009! 😀

  18. Happy New Year! And thanks to all you wonderful people who visit ToR everyday! We’d be nothing without all of you!

  19. Happy New Year to you guys as well!!

  20. Happy New Year to everybody! !

  21. Happy new year to you too!!! it was a great year for Rob and us,the fans…and also quite hard but thanks for bringing us everything about Rob.I usually don’t comment any of the things I read but this is one of the greatest webs I have ever visited so,thanks again.All my best wishes are with you.Blessings!

    Rocibella Way Cullen
  22. awww… Happy New Year!
    Have a great timee 😀
    I wish you the best for this 2010 *

  23. Happy New Year to everybody!!

    And to Rob Pattinson I wish him a great 2010 full of health, happiness, more success and everything he desires. Kisses.

  24. Awww ~ Thank You for the shout-out FP!
    I wish you sll the best in 2010.
    I also really appreciate all your hard work in keeping us Rob-fans updated with all the latest news on your awesome site!

    Happy New Year!


  25. Happy New Year:o) We have New Year already ten hours:o)I’m from the Czech Republic:o)

  26. First of all let me thank you for your amazing work on this page 🙂
    I hope you will continue with this awsome stuff about Rob. Thank you once again. Its always a pleasure to be here and have a look around!

    …and of course a happy new year and all the best to you all from Germany!



    here’s to another excellent year for TOR.

    Health and happiness to all the admins x


  28. awww, many thanks for the shout out, huni, that was so sweet of you!!

    All the best in 2010 to you & to all ToR followers!!

  29. You guys always make my heart warm and fuzzy. Happy New Year and lots of thanks to all the people who made this website possible, faithfully satiating our endless appetite. Hope to see you next year and next year and forever!

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