Robert Pattinson Will Not Be Attending The Golden Globes   21 comments

There’s been speculation for weeks about whether “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would be attending the Golden Globes this Sunday.

Here’s what we’ve found out.

Pattinson and Stewart “are not attending the Globes,” an organizer tells Gossip Cop.

We’ve also spoken with sources at Summit, who confirm that Pattinson and Stewart will NOT be at the studio’s after party. Sources at NBC, which is broadcasting the awards, also added that they had no knowledge of the two attending.

As reported elsewhere, “Twilight” actor Taylor Lautner will be at the event.

Gossip Cop

21 responses to “Robert Pattinson Will Not Be Attending The Golden Globes

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  1. Must be nice for Rob to finally not be Summitt’s press whore. Hope he’s having a great time, wherever he is. 🙂

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  3. Why would they be there? They are not going to be presenting anything, they are not nominated for anything???

  4. Rob is busy with Bel Ami and he is in Europe now enjoying a deserve rest.

  5. finally rob & kristen are taking some time off .. i’m soooooooo happy for them and happy they are out of the lime light 🙂 GOOD FOR THEM!!

  6. I am very disappointed. Why will he not be attending? I was looking forward to awards season to see him at these events. So, Taylor Lautner will be there. I’m irritated that Summit seems to be pushing Taylor’s career at the expense of Rob’s. Rob is the star of this franchise not Taylor. He is the one that millions paid good money to see in New Moon only to see key scenes between Edward and Bella cut out in favor of lengthened scenes between Bella and Jacob. The reason the box office figures dropped off so drastically is that millions went to see Rob and Kristen play out the love story between Edward and Bella. I was extremely disappointed in New Moon and will not see it twice nor will I purchase it. Somehow, Summit and the current screen writer seems to have forgotten that what drew us in to begin with was Edward and Bella’s love story. That means keeping Rob and Kristen front and center not as supporting players for the Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner story. Kristen and Robert should have been invited to be presenters because they are responsible for carrying a very successful franchise on their young shoulders.

    • Have you read the books! Edward’s character takes the back seat in New Moon and the story does focus on Jacob and Bella’s relationship. The movies have to stay true to the books, they aren’t just made to provide the world with eye candy and sacrifice the literature they are based on. If you want to see more of Robert Pattinson go see some of his other films!

    • Amen! Although I did see New Moon more than once and I will buy it, I thought they left a lot of the book out of the movie and, was too, very disapointed!

    • Obviously Sharig has not read the book New Moon because if she had, she would have known before seeing the movie that it was primarily about Jacob & Bella. I dearly loved Taylor’s portrayal of Jacob Black. I also love Rob’s portrayal of Edward. Emma Watson should have been Bella, however Kristen did a much better job in New Moon than she did in Twilight. I’m happy for Rob & Kristen moving out of the spotlight to give Taylor his time. They also deserve a break. Taylor is (in my opinion) Jacob Black & I’m so looking forward to seeing him continue throughout the remainding sequels.

    • I absolutely, whole-heartedly disagree. When you say, “Summit forgot what drew us was Edward and Bella’s love story” you are not speaking for everyone who is more in support of Bella and Jacob’s relationship and you’d be fooling yourself if you didn’t think that there are millions of women who are more in support of that relationship than the Edward/Bella pairing. To appeal to BOTH sides of the spectrum, I think it is only fair that New MOon stay true to the book, in which Edward makes VERY few appearances. I’m sorry, but NOT everyone is in favor if EDWARD and…you also seem to forget that both Kristen and Robert have been pretty outspoken with their exhaustion, fatigue, and disenchantment with Hollywood and want to have some amount of privacy during their time off between films. Let them have that. There are so many other stars at the Globes that actually are in FILMS THAT WERE NOMINATED!

  7. Rob is in pre-production for Bel Ami in London. It’s not practical for him to fly to LA just to be there for an award show for which he’s not nominated for anything. I’m still hoping he will be there for the Oscars though. Anyhow, I get the feeling these award shows aren’t Rob’s style.

  8. i agree with ShariG summit always trys to push taylor’s career more than rob and the reason for that is bcuz taylor has a nice body wtf? taylor and his body is not the reason twilight was such a success it was bcuz of rob and kristen and how thay played edward and bella in the movies

    • Melissa, don’t blame Summit! Taylor has worked for & earned every bit of the attention & career progress he has attained. Rob has earned his too. But face the facts, the Twilight book series was a smash hit all in itself. Whomever played Edward was sure to be loved by all. Taylor just like Jacob in the books had to work for the love & attention he received.

  9. I do think that Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward brilliantly (however sometimes a little too depressed) but I also think that Taylor Lautner does deserve some acknologement for his performance in New Moon because I thought he delivered a great performance, even thought he is not why Twilight became so successful that doesn’t take away from the fact that he was good. Oh,and I loved New Moon! 🙂

  10. Rob does not need to attend award shows where he is not a presenter or a nominee. Rob and Kristen spent the last two years on junket after junket. It is high time that they cool it a bit – 2010 is going to be a great year for Rob and some of the twilight cast.

  11. shame we wont see him there but if he has other committments so be it. I was also disappointed with new moon the movie as it didnt capture the emotion that the book did. The book took me to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but felt the movie was very lacking in emotion – bland even. Before seeing it I was worried I would burst into tears at the cinema and be embarrassed but that certainly didnt eventuate. Not sure who’s fault that is wether it be the director, script writer or Kristen?? I understand they cant fit a whole book into the movie but couldn’t they have lengthened the time of the movie to fit more in to make it a better rounded story? Sorry I was just wanting to get that off my chest 😉

  12. oh .rob doesnt either attend people choice award but i think he should attend this for a little change in his tiring and tough working rotine it makes his brain frash .well we will miss him

  13. I loved New Moon, I’m the sad type who saw it 3 times lol. Its good for Rob and Kristen to stay out of the limelight for a while and taylor deserves the attention hes getting, hes done amazinly with the training and everything he did for New Moon. If New Moon didn’t cover everything the book says or the emotions weren’t there you can’t say thats the fault of the cast i.e Kristen, they do as they are told so that would have to be the director, although personally i thought it had the emotions in, ok maybe not strongly but there was enough.


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