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'Bel Ami' Sex Scenes Revealed   5 comments

New details are out about Robert Pattison‘s new movie, Bel Ami, as the screenplay has leaked and it looks like some of his young fans will not to be allowed in the theater.  Pattison will play journalist Georges Duroy from Guy de  Maupassant’s 19th century novel, who gets ahead by getting in on with powerful women.

Filming will start next month, as will his onscreen love scenes that will go way beyond Twilight and New Moon. Life & Style reports from the script on a sex romp with Christina Ricci‘s character Clotilde that both characters are “surprised by the intensity of the racy encounter” and  “Tender, aching moments pass before George asks Clotilde ‘Now?’ “…I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh, other sex scenes include a tryst with Umma Thurman which is “quick and efficient while sitting at a desk” and “rough and ravenous with Virgie (Kristin Scott Thomas) on the floor” and “up against a door with a prostitute.”


MTV's 10 Most Anticipated 2010 Films includes Remember Me   2 comments

MTV’s Larry Carroll has put together a list of the 10 most anticipated films of 2010 that star cast members from The Twilight Saga. In addition to Eclipse (of course!), the other nine movies, with their released dates, are:

“The Runaways” (March 19) – Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning
“Remember Me” (March 12) – Robert Pattinson
“Warrior” (TBD) – Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene
“Welcome to the Rileys” (TBD) – Kristen Stewart
“Girlfriend” (TBD) – Jackson Rathbone
“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (TBD) – Anna Kendrick
“Valentine’s Day” (February 12) – Taylor Lautner
“The Last Airbender” (July 2) – Jackson Rathbone
“Skateland” (TBD) – Ashley Greene

Go to MTV to read a brief synopsis of each film. Are any of these on your must-see list this year?


Anna Kendrick Speaks About Joke Between Rob and George Clooney   1 comment

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Rob Pattinson Mentioned in Chicago Tribune   Leave a comment

Johnny Depp, global style icon, fashion trendsetter, appears on the cover of GQ magazine’s 25 most stylish men in the world issue.

Topless, of course.

Still, it’s for his quirky-cool wardrobe that the men’s mag lauds him, reports. As Simon Doonan, creative director of Barney’s explains to GQ: “Johnny Depp’s a unicorn — a really glamorous, one-of-a-kind eccentric. He wears great man jewelry.”

Why celebrate Depp above everyone else? We humbly submit our best guesses for a few runners-up plucked from GQ’s list.

Robert Pattinson: The hair outshines (sometimes literally outshines) the clothing.

Russell Brand: Toes the “strung out” line a little too closely.

Brad Pitt: It’s that beard. Without question, it’s that gnarly beard.

Jay-Z: Plays it super-stylish but somewhat safe for the most part.

Clint Eastwood: Apparently fell short in the “man jewelry” category.


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'New Moon' DVD Distribution Being Done Differently Than 'Twilight'   5 comments

Last year, the Twilight DVD sold over three million copies in its very first day on the market, making it among the “Top Five Best First Day Releases in Two Years.”

Within a few weeks, the film became the number one selling DVD of the year.

According to Home Media Magazine, total sales for the year reached over nine million, and the distribution studio, Summit Entertainment, expects that the numbers will be similar for The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s DVD (due March 20th).

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Black & White Versions of the New Robert Pattinson EW Outtakes   2 comments

Here are the black & white versions of the new EW Outtakes with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Update: Remember Me Release Dates   35 comments


Argentina ….April 8

Australia ….March 11

Belgium ….March 11

Brazil…March 26

Bulgaria… March 19

Canada… March 12

Estonia ….March 26

France ….April 7

Germany…March 25

Italy…March 12

Lithuania ….April 2

Malaysia… March 11

Mexico… April 2

Netherlands ….March 11

New Zealand… March 11

Norway ….April 9

Poland …March 19

Romania… March 12

Russia…March 11

Slovenia… April 15

South Africa …March 19

Spain… March 19

Sweden ….March 26

Switzerland Romandie… April 7

Switzerland German …March 25

Finland … April 2

UK ….April 2

USA ….March 12

And for Australians:

If you would like to be notified when tickets for Remember Me go on pre-sale, you can go to Event Cinemas Australia and sign up to be notified by email.

An Unofficial Remember Me Site via RP Life

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50 Days Until Remember Me — Fanmade Art Countdown — Wallpaper   2 comments

For day 50 of our Remember Me fanmade art countdown here’s a wallpaper that was made by Danielle. Please keep sending us your fanmade art at

Click to make it bigger.

New Information on Remember Me Opening Date for Bulgaria   1 comment

Remember Me opens in Bulgaria on March 19th.



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Information on the New Moon DVD Release For Spain   2 comments

“New Moon” on DVD releases in Spain on March 24th