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Posted July 2, 2010 by natalienw in Robert Pattinson

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5 responses to “E! News – Robert Pattinson's Hot Makeover

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  1. Rob’s new ‘do’ is quite ‘handsome’. He is doing growing up roles, which is a change from Edward Cullen. I just saw Eclipse today…it is amazing! Rob can be very proud of his hard work! I can see him five years from now…it will be different for him again. I bet he wonders how long his luck will continue.

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  3. Oy these people are a trip- the hair is the same as it was a month ago it’s just styled differently lol. And going with what Midori said, I don’t think it’s just luck anymore, he’s proving himself more with each new project- even looking from Twilight to Eclipse you can see how he’s grown, it’s awesome to watch.

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  5. Oh. My. God. How DARE they FLIP RomeRob??? Those bastards, thats total blasphemy!!! *shocked*

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