Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE – what do you think?   40 comments

Since a lot have seen Eclipse by now and we’re interested in your opinion we created this post so you can comment. Since some still have to wait to see it we wanna warn for spoilers in the comments.

40 responses to “Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE – what do you think?

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  1. Awsomeee i like so much that they play with my emotions like in the book. My favorite movie of the saga

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  3. Huge Twilight fan here… Eclipse was good, but HONESTLY it could have been so much better. The new Victoria just didn’t work. They could make the wolves look awesome, but still the graphics aren’t what they should be. The best movie, thus far, but I still love the books more.

  4. I thought it was fantastic.. I loved the fight scenes, the best part. Showing the audience Jaspers and Rosealies past was great. As well as showing us the third wife story. Was my favorite book and the movie did it justice.

  5. Seen it twice already. I really liked it, especially the scenes with Bella, Edward and Jacob together – favorite scene was tent scene as I thought the dialog and actors emotions were spot on. Loved the Jssper back story. The Riley and Victoria characters were very well done and even though I missed Rachelle, I think Bryce was very believable as Victoria.

  6. I just saw it last night, and so far, I think it was the best of the movies. I loved the new take on the fight scene with Edward, Victoria, and Riley. It’s always Edward saving Bella in the books, but in the movie she got to save him. I did not like how they made Bella SEE Jacob get hurt. That was cruel. And they also had her hear him crying out in pain when Carlisle was re-breaking his bones to set them correctly. I could be wrong and if I am, please someone tell me because I do not remember that part being like that in the book. I thought that was pretty cruel, too. I was disappointed that they cut out the scene in the end when Bella was crying all night with Edward because she finally just flat out told Jacob that they couldn’t be together and that she loved Edward more. I thought that was an important moment between Bella and Edward. I was also sad that they cut out the make-out scene with Edward and Bella in the field at the end, as well. That was an intense scene in the book. But overall, I think they did a wonderful job, and I thought the effects with the wolves and the vamps during the battle were unbelievable.

  7. I’ve seen it once, plan to go back a couple more times. I enjoyed it very much. Robward is gasp-worthy here. . .looks younger than in NM and so, so gorgeous. Lots & lots of closeups, so Rob fans will drool. He’s just breathtaking. Kristen’s mouth hangs open way too much as usual, but she seems more relaxed and actually looks Rob in the eyes when she’s doing a scene with him. I like the way the Cullens look here more than in NM, especially Rosalie & Jasper. My only disappointment is with the soundtrack–no memorable songs on this one, but maybe the 2nd or 3rd viewing will change my mind. The movie is fairly faithful to the book, so Tri-hards shouldn’t be too disappointed or disgruntled. I give it a two thumbs up. Now how are we gonna make it through the next year and a half until BD opens?!?!

  8. There was a lot I liked about Eclipse. The best? The proposal. Rob wanted it not to sound cheesy. Well, he did wonderfully. He made me want to cry it was so sweet. It showed Edward’s deep love and respect for Bella at the same time giving us an understanding of who Edward really is. Bravo Rob.

    The only other thing I’ll say is: I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn b/c I need a break from Jacob. Isle Esme, anyone?

  9. I watched it twice already,and I loved it, my favorite scene, was the preposal scene, I just loved the way Edward preposed to Bella, my heart missed a beat and made me cry..
    I loved the battle scene, and the meadow scenes as well..

    Well done, it did justice to the book

  10. Didnt flow for me it was like a series of short stories. Sorry David Slade more is not more less is more. Rob did a great job filling out the deadpan scenes. Although Bella says she loves Edward, Kristen did a poor interpretation of showing that. Jacob rocked. Jasper a book on him pse followed by movie Rathbone was stunning. This was so not about getting the story right and pleasing the fans but Slade doing his thing.

  11. Sorry didn’t flow for me either too many shortcuts Rob awesome actor as usual glad for the close-ups and very romantic proposal scene. Made up for one or two disappointments, Kristen was much better in NM, otherwise great scenes with Jackson and Cullens . Powerful fight scenes, graphics very good for the most part, prefer original Victoria. Riley,Victoria,Newborn scenes not believable enough,hopefully next director doesn’t change too much from book.

  12. I watched it! and it was awesome, I want to watch it AGAIN!

  13. Way better than expected. I LOVED the movie so much. Reasons:
    1.They skipped some unnecessary parts from the book and focused more on the important parts.
    2.They added more scenes which are not in the book to make it better, like the scenes on Victoria’s newborn army.
    3. They rearranged the scenes.

    To me, Eclipse is the best movie based on a book, to be honest.

  14. Sideburns. Edward. Eyebrows. Xavier. Abs. Xavier. Abs. Sideburns. “I’m a virgin”. Bedroom/proposal scene. Sexy. Tent Scene. “I’m hotter than you”. Jasper. Jasper&Alice. Xavier. Sweet Victoria. Abs. Edward.

    That’s all I could remember when I read or someone mentions “Eclipse”.

  15. I hope that nobody rips me apart, because I’ve seen the twidrama first hand but I’ve never posted anywhere before. Although I really liked the movie and it is my favorite of the three I am very disapointed in the way Bella comes across in the movies. To me, in the books, there was never any question in her mind that Edward was her choice. She loved Jacob but she just simply couldn’t live without Edward. I didn’t get that from the movie. I HATED the part when she hopped on the Motorcycle to go talk to Jacob and left Edward standing in the school parking lot, that never happened in the book and what guy with any self respect would just watch his girlfriend ride off with some other guy without being pissed off. I understand that they want a “love triangle” but must they emasulate Edward in the process? The first part of the movie I felt like they were portraying Edward as controlling and I felt like like Bella almost dreaded his presence sometimes. The scene when Edward confronts Jacob for kissing Bella was totally wrong, as I remember it was BELLA who wanted to kill Jacob and Edward who was saying you’ll regret it in the morning. I did like the movie, I think that Edward finally looks like the Edward I always pictured, but I just wish Bella seemed to like him more. Anyway I am in a hurry so thats it for now 🙂 don’t hate on me please!

    • No worries we hate drama too 🙂 Everyone is free to write as they wish as long as they don’t bash others 🙂

    • Eva, I agree with you all the way, almost to the word! No hate from me, lol. I probably couldn’t have put it better. I still absolutely love this movie, but as a book lover too, your points coincide with mine. I’ve never posted anywhere before either, but this movie is just bringing it out the emotions in me. I plan on seeing it at least a couple more times in the theater and will wait with bated breath for the dvd release, hopefully before Christmas based on New Moons release length. Edward/Rob was just gorgeous (mouth watering to quote Laurent) and I did not find fault with his acting at all. Kristen seemed to do well, considering the script she was given, but I really wanted her to show her extreme love for Edward more also, with no wavering. Jacob/Taylor seemed pretty spot on to the book most of the time, I thought. I was happy a lot of my favorite key quotes/lines from the book made it in, since they shortened some of the lines for the trailers. I was disappointed that I didn’t see that piercing look that Edward gives to the camera after Jacob says “At least we get to kill SOME vampires” in most of the trailers and tv spots. Maybe that will make the dvd. I nearly stop breathing when his gaze snaps up like that……All in all I did love it, but I would have changed some things too.

  16. hope they don’t change Edward’s appearance too much didn’t like long sideburns and bushy eyebrows suppose to look 17 still, not older.Luckily Rob’s so handsome all the same don’t ruin his looks. Newcomer Xavier very handsome, new werewolves nice fresh faces. Flashback scenes really good also going back tomorrow for third time lucky we’ll see..

  17. Awesome. Seen it last night and loved it, totally. “Unconditionally & Irrevocably” in love with it! Taylor looked great, Kristen was amazing and Rob… well, I can’t even find words to describe how awesome he was. I can’t wait to watch Breaking Dawn!

  18. Oh, but I must say I thought it was a little bit strange the way Bella & Jake relationship evolved in the movie, because in the books she loves Edward totally, she has no doubt at all she wants him for life. And in this movie I thought they made her too much confused, which I don’t really appreciate.

  19. Eclipse was AWSOOOME!! i’m still team edward even though jacob is sooo hot:P

  20. I loved, loved, loved it!

    To me, Bella seemed more sure of Edward in the movie version than in the book. After reading Eclipse I was so disgusted in Bella, but the movie seemed to show her devotion to Edward more – at least that’s how it felt to me. Well, with a few BIG exceptions – like the motorcycle ride with Jacob and when she initiates the kiss with Jacob.

    Overall, I can’t wait to see it again, and again …

    Side note: Sitting in the theater at midnight with 250 other giggling, squeeling, gabbing, sighing girls and women was lots of fun too! My step-daughter (who is 37 – I’m 47 btw) had her toenails painted dark brown and Team Jacob spelled out on them. Now I’m going to do Team Edward on mine…my hubby will think I’ve REALLY gone off the deep end…but hey, it’s all good. 😉

  21. I loved it. Really loved it. Have seen it twice now. It was even better the second time around, but as for the Bell/Jacob kiss. I closed my eyes both times. LOL.

    I am a bookworm of great dimension, and because of that, I was always afraid my favorite books would be ruined by bad movies. BUT, through the years I’ve learned how to deal with it. I simply pretend they are two different things. And they ARE too! A book can never become a movie, other than in one’s head. There is too much stuff in a book, it’s impossible to get every little detail in the movie. One must remember that films are BASED on books, not copies of books. So when I go to see a movie based on a book, my eyes search for the quality in the movie, NOT the “wrongs” that are NOT in the book. Or the things thats in the book and missing in the movie. I judge the movie as a movie, and i get that actors want to make the character they’re playing THEIRS. And I really think that all three of them (Kristen, Rob and Taylor) has managed to do that, and in a way I can appreciate.

    Eclipse was by far the best of the three. The actors have grown so much from the first movie (although the first will always be special to me), and I really enjoyed Slades take on this film. It was a good mixture of action, drama and love. Something for everyone.

    My favorite scene was the proposal scene. It felt so REAL. her listening to him, actually understanding where he comes from. And the joy on his face when she says yes.. I had tears in my eyes, no kidding. I LOVED that moment.

  22. Edward making concessions to please Bella. I dont think she gets it. We are not seeing the love (Alice quote NM)from her. Kirsten pse a bit more expression, Robs playing his part to perfection RESPOND IN KIND. Enrol in some face acting in the meantime roll on BD.

  23. i have seen the movie twice and i ABSOLUTELY love it. i do however think that they cut too much out and made jacob and edward somehow look a lil pathetic but who doesn’t or haven’t had that love triangle. edward did BRILLIANT as always i wished the fight scenes were longer cuz they were AWESOME and love the fact that we got to see more of the cullens alice and jasper were so cute never get to see them show affection so that was nice to see. i loved the new victoria she did GREAT. over all the movie was EXCELLENT and i plan on seein it again and again can’t wait for the dvd

  24. Okay, I’m commenting again after seeing it a second time and I love it now (I was disappointed the first time, but was trying to be positive). Now that I’ve gotten over how many scenes got cut or condensed, I really enjoyed the movie. I was smiling alot. And it surprised me when I actually cried at the proposal scene! Edward gives Bella so much and she’s relentless until he concedes. Now, finally, she gave herself to him just the way he wanted: in agreeing to marry him. I was so happy for him.

  25. Overall NMoon far superior. The soundtrack, Film Score + movie all relatable. A complete package of straight forward characters,great storytelling,emotive sensing. Eclipse stuns the viewer with better cinematography, graphics,huge display of big budget affordability. It lacked contrast between the basic fundamentals of humaness versus the vampiric extraordinaire personas. Twilight played that out great. Bella not believable Kirsten whatever it is get over it. It took Charlie to ground it. Billy Burke every scene the best.

  26. Right im probably about to upset a lot of people, but this was not my favourite movie at all. I found it jumped around to much and nothing flowed, the fight scenes were ok but the snow on the mountains looked soo FAKE. I love love love Twilight and especially Rob but for me this film did not do it. I am not saying it was all bad, I loved the banter between Jacob and Edward and the histories of Rosalie and Jasper but was disappointed that I can only pick a handful of scenes out I enjoy. Of course my fave part now I have the neagtive out of the way was “The Proposal”. I also feel that the end of the movie in the meadow should have been done in the same way as the book.

    I still cant wait for Breaking Dawn, just glad there will be another director. Not that im slating David Slade, He done what he does best. It just wasn’t besty for Twilight. 😛

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  28. Loved the opening scene with Riley. I believed his fear and pain. Bryce doesn’t convince me as Victoria. She just looks too nice. Riley and Victoria didn’t have any chemistry.
    I’m sorry for the Jacob fans, but I think his acting is very shallow. He says the lines, but doesn’t express the feelings behind the words. In the tent scene he looked very uncomfortable, leaning on his elbow. He looked so distant and awkward. Why didn’t he snuggle up to Bella?
    What was wrong with Bella? It was almost if Edward was seducing her while it should have been the other way around?!
    Edward was breathtakingly beautiful! He was exactly how I always pictured him to be while reading the books. In the proposal scene he was just perfect and brought tears to my eyes. All the scenes with Edward, Bella and Jacob in the snow where totally ruined by the oh so fake scenery. It’s a shame, because it could have been so great.
    There was obviously an editing problem and the camera man was very shaky. Especially during the scene with Bella and Jacob in the garage. Everything was moving and it made me dizzy.
    I also missed some things I loved in the book. Why didn’t Edward say “Don’t watch” when Bree was about to get killed by Felix? The last meadow scene was so hot in the book, but not on the screen. Too bad!
    Liked the battle scenes, because in these Slade showed the speed and the strength of the vampires. The wolves seemed the same to me as in New Moon, not a big improvement. The destruction of the vampires in Twilight and New Moon was better. The ‘glassy’ broken neck of Victoria looked cheap/weird, as in bad weird.
    Over all I enjoyed the movie, but Twilight is still my favorite. To be honest I only watch the Twilight movies, because Rob is in them. We all know that they are not really quality movies, but they are entertaining to see for the Twilight fans. I prefer to see Rob in movies like Little Ashes, Remember Me, Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

  29. I loved the movie but my friend who i saw it with would not shut up she was talking to the screen saying i love you Jake and Edward is ugly and that Bella is stupid. So ImA see it Monday again with my other friend who has not seen it yet but i know she wont talk during the movie.

  30. I liked Eclipse, but didn’t love it. There were too many production & editing mistakes that should never have made it to the screen. It’s astounding that Summit couldn’t produce a better made movie considering the budget! I HATED the parking lot scene where Bella leaves with Jacob! I knew when I saw that at the MTV awards that this wouldn’t be the ‘perfect’ movie I wanted. Another big disappointment was the graduation party. That was so dark, mysterious, and intense in the book and NONE of that was present on the screen. There was no Alice/Jacob/Jasper confronation, no Emmett smiling wickedly at Mike, no strobe lights bouncing off the vampire skin making them seem just a little off….nothing!
    As for the acting, of course Rob did great! I enjoyed all the close-ups of him. You could see every single, long, luscious, eyelash he had! Kristen and Taylor were ok, but not awesome. Overall, the Cullen did ok as well. Overall, I think Slade could have produced a better movie.

  31. hi! I liked the movie, I thought it was a pretty good adaptation from the book, dispite the fact that I do agree with some of you that in some parts I felt that the Bella & Edward relationship was not well shown (e.g. the school parking lot scene, where Bellay goes on a ride with Jake leaving Edward just watching, that was plain wrong) but in spite of a couple of scenes I felt it ewas good…

    on the other hand , I would have loved to see the Bella’s escape from school scene, or the Alice and Bella’s sleep over. and not just directly having the Edward & Bella sleep over(which could’ve been better)…

    and here goes my one highly-not-expected impression: Didn’t you feel like Bella was more interested in kissing Jacob than Edward?? We know that everytime Edward and Bella kiss, Edward is careful no to hurt her, and is not Bella who’s careful..and after seeing this movie. I was left with the impression taht it was Bella who was careful and who completely lost control willing kissing Jacob…I mean their kiss(as showing emotions, etc) was way better thant E&B’s kisses (please don’t hate it…I mean it as I saw it, we all love E&B’s kisses.)… but I’d really like to hear some opinions on that!

    • YES! I agree! Why has S.Meyers NOT caught & corrected the lack of intensity, JOY and surrender, from Bella’s heart?!! I LOVED the way The Meadow looked, finally! BUT, we readers KNOW how Bella is thrilled & almost intoxicated by Edward! When will we see that? Are they over thinking their roles? No, I don’t think so. Maybe they need to just sit and re-read and get into the intensity of the LOVE. We all get it! The directors need to pull it out of Kristen, b/c she has a love for Edward that is beyond any of our wildest imaginings. Good Directors have been able to make great love stories for yrs. That IS what Twilight encompasses. Outside of the giggling after, “You better hold on tight, Spider Monkey!”…they should be drawn into a deeper “like magnets” joyful & loving relationship. I did adore Edward’s new look! I loved the Proposal & thought it honored the book. The tent scene dialogue showed the more valiant side of Edward. Fight scenes fine. Just PLEASE somebody heighten the LOVE between E&B.

  32. It was by far the best film in the saga so far. Personally I did not like New Moon so much, because Robert plays a smaller part, but this one was a thrilling movie that kept my heart on a high beat for the two hours. To see the relationship between Edward and Bella grow even more serious and how Edward was so forgiving and like Bella said in Twilight: “(…) unconditionally and irrevocably in love(…)” And also for the action part, great! The relationship between Jacob and Bella added a new conflict and made the story even better. Even though every cell in my body is team Edward i enjoyed the tension. Personally though I enjoy to just see them being together, and everytime they kiss and touch my heart races like crazy. And I feel that Edward has a whole new dimension to the way he touches her. He has a stronger will and lets him selves be more physical with her. I enjoyed that A LOT!

    In one sentence: Thrilling and exciting in every way possible!

  33. Well, I think they cut scenes too. They put too many scenes of the neophytes in Seattle and took time to show a bit more than what is actually in the book.
    I also think that the kiss of B&J is more powerful and important that all of B&E (the music and the scenario) and that is the damn line to give more importance to the relationship Bella has with Jacob that obviously has with Edward in the book. Why do it? I do not know but it bothers me. I do not think people has noticed that Jacob’s manipulation to push Bella to kiss him, that of becoming a martyr and that he would die in battle. And Edward’s forgiveness is too cold is like he feels nothing and is not so precisely, he dies of grief or not?
    Luckily the people around me was not Team Jacob and although it applauded when he was without shirt, when he got the kiss we were all paralyzed and I particularly disgusted. It is very shocking to see how she deceives Edward ahead of their own face
    I want to see again, more quietly, with NM I had the same, I have too many expectations of these films.

  34. I loved it!! but… it felt rushed. like you know how the last scene in Remember Me, everything just keeps moving with out a pause to focus on anyone thing? that’s what the whole movie felt like for me. some parts were a little choppy… and i felt like bella’s feelings and thought process, ESPECIALLY after the second J/B kiss wern’t clear.

    I understand this was very much do to time restrictions, and i’ve got to give DS major props- he did great with putting such a mammoth of a stopry into such little time.

    So, I am very happy right now that BD will be split in two- if this book was rushed when made into a movie, BD would have been like on fast foward the entire time.

  35. Hope summit are reading these comments. Good constructive criticism I being on the side of after third time veiwing, nothing will compell me to want to see again. Twilight, New Moon lost count on how many times I played the DVD and wore out my recorder. I keep posting on this because the movie was rushed, editing bad, director not into the saga and if you read back stories from Slade and others it was a complete surprise to him that he got to Direct. He let actors have free reign on the interpretation of the story and had the belief they were fully entrenched in the characters and knew more than he did. Back interview with Rob states he only had a week to refamiliarise himself with the script. And he did so want to do it justice. Rob obviously stressed over it but gave us some memorial moments on screen. eg, “Isabella Swan I will love you every moment forever” who can top that. Jackson amazing closeups, dont need the words his face tells the story. Bryce Dallas Howard stunning vampire, prefer the malice of Rachelle(original Victoria) Kristen get with the programme/story at the moment we are not seeing the hopelessly in love Bella had enough of the wavering

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