*NEW* pics of Rob on set Water for Elephants – July 21   10 comments

Here are some new photo’s of Rob on the set of Water for Elephants yesterday.

WFE,Robert Pattinson


Click to see them big



Source and source and Source via Source

10 responses to “*NEW* pics of Rob on set Water for Elephants – July 21

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  1. Oh, Rob …let me fix your face…etc. Please!!!!!!!

  2. *OUCH*…1st in the queue to give Rob loadsa TLC!

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  4. LOL, poor Rob, he gest beaten up in every single movie 😀 Maybe it’s because he’s so much prettier than everyone else, so they must even the field… 😉

  5. Hey thanks for running my pictures of Rob all Beaten and Bloodied
    Here is the Correct Credit


    twitter me angiesplace007

  6. He looks hurt bless him ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. those showbiz peep just love messing with his beautiful face!

  8. Crazy ridiculous fan…to be a scar, heal me not

  9. Cant I kiss away your pain?? so hot even though he looks beat up. I know exactly what part their filming I ust read it.

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