NY Times shoot – color enhanced   8 comments

Since it’s been real slow with news today and people asked for a colourchange of the shirt, I made these for you 😉

Click to make bigger

NY Times,Blue shirt

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8 responses to “NY Times shoot – color enhanced

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  1. Love these pics now, thanks!!!!! xoxo

  2. Rob is perfect in blue!! I love him anyway but there are colors and clothes that highlight the charm and beauty of him.
    Thank you very much!!

  3. I was actually searching TOR last week cuz I thought these were already posted but was so disappointed when I didn’t find them. Thanks so much for posting these!

  4. Oh wow, thats soooo much better!
    He’d look good in a bin bag (or preferably in nothing) but that yellow shirt was just a bit wrong on him! Blue is perfect. See he needs me as his wardrobe assistant (and I wouid spend a great deal of time hiding his clothes!)

  5. Much better now. Didn’t like the mustard shirt & bright maroon background.

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  7. I just love Rob in blue!
    Thanks Dreamy! ❤

  8. Way way better! Too bad the shirt wasn’t really that color to begin with- bring out those killer eyes. Mustard yellow doesn’t look good on very many people and even he can’t really make it work especially with a ketchup red background haha He would be a tasty hot dog though 😉

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