Amazing Remember Me Fanmade Video   12 comments

I was surfing around on Youtube and came across SweetDKVampires‘s channel and found some great videos. I found this Remember Me one really touching and I love the version of Use Somebody that she used.

12 responses to “Amazing Remember Me Fanmade Video

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  1. gosh thanks a lot for putting it (L) i´m so glad you like it

  2. oh wow this is indeed amazing. Never really liked this version of use somebody by Laura Jansen, but I really loved it in this video. and I am wondering now why I’ve never liked this version before.

  3. Beautiful. Made me cry (as usual with anything related to RM). Thanks for posting.

  4. Love it!!! Really touching

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  8. Shit! It was so damn good, it made me cry! Freak’in hell! 😉

  9. that was very touching. whenever i see stuff about Remember Me I end up crying because I know how it ends. amazingly touching story!

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