Poll of the Day: What's Your Funniest Pic of Robert Pattinson   46 comments


The poll of the day today is what’s your funniest pic of Robert Pattinson? Question brought to you by DreamySim1

Leave the link to the pic in the comments and we’ll do a round-up tomorrow.

Posted September 14, 2010 by justfp in Polls, Robert Pattinson

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46 responses to “Poll of the Day: What's Your Funniest Pic of Robert Pattinson

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  1. xD love it!

  2. I have tons LOL

  3. Here are some more lol

  4. I love these ones =>

  5. GAH!!!! I needs to upload my folder too lol but here is one: the rest I’ll upload tonight 😛

  6. This is by far the worst picture ever taken of Rob, in my opinion:

  7. This Pic is Hilarious!!I mean look at his face!!!LMAO http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/6544/eeeeec.jpg

  8. This is my favorite, because it’s funny and cute at the same time:

  9. I agree with ABF ….man that is weird!

  10. Okay mine:

    okay those are the ones that I had on my laptop.

  11. oh my so many to choose from….

    I might have just a little extra love for the goofy Rob pics… they make him seem that much more adorable.

  12. Grrrr my comment disappeared. Trying again….


  13. I found some funny pics 🙂 I can’t even choose which one is my favorite, there are a lot of them 🙂 Rob’s all the time making his funny faces.

    Some gifs..the first is my fav lol

    And some other pics:

  14. I love this pic, he seems so happy!!! And is so expressive!

  15. this pictures are hilarious 🙂

  16. Interesting face! :D:D:D

  17. okay finally my full list. Not nearly as many as FP, but hey 🙂

  18. Man, he is such a goof. I don’t know how you’re going to narrow it down.

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  20. I hope this link works. It should be a pic of Rob wearing heart shaped sunglasses.


  21. Wow. That’s a hard one. He’s got that crazy wonky right eye in a lot of them that just makes me chuckle. I’d vote any with his tongue. Just ’cause I am a big fan of his tongue.

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