Poll of the Day: If Robert Pattinson Wasn't an Actor What Job Would You See Him Doing?   40 comments

The poll of the day today is if Rob wasn’t an actor what kind of job would you see him doing and why?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to veerlevg for the question.

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40 responses to “Poll of the Day: If Robert Pattinson Wasn't an Actor What Job Would You See Him Doing?

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  1. This is an easy one for me. A musician.

  2. Working at McDonalds.


  4. He would further his singing and song writing, and would eventually record an album.

  5. Pelo que nós, meras fans, conhecemos de ROB e sua ligação com a arte, se não fosse ator, séria músico, ou até um professor de música ( quando estivesse mais velho ), ainda jovem tocaria nos pubs londrinos, talvez ainda investisse na sua carreira de modelo ( pois ele é bem consciente de sua beleza e charme ), mesmo falando em entrevistas que não entende como de um dia para outro as fans passaram a percebê-lo ( se fosse assim, ele não estaria tentando se projetar desde os 12 anos ). Enfim, estaria voltado a arte de alguma forma, assim como sua irmã Lizzie está fazendo….

  6. And this is easy: I want him to write music, play guitar, be the musician he wants to be

  7. hungry jacks cause im hungry for him

  8. I think he would record an album and/or a model i could look at him all day in a magazine

  9. Definately a musician x

  10. University Professor… (too much fan fiction maybe ??)

  11. Writer or journalist maybe. He can be quite witty at times. Of course, he joked about writing speeches for Obama, which would be quite an interesting job.

  12. A musician but in some piano bar or dive in England. Some where where he can really be on with his music and environment.


  13. Rob would be a professional student, broke and running in circles trying to make ends meet. He would try to make up for all the bad marks he got in school. Piano bar may help pay the rent but tuition????? Def Shoe salesman, ladies shoes, they would be lining up around the block to buy only from Rob.

  14. Nooo! Not McDonalds… In-and-Out Burger! He would be in heaven 🙂

  15. A musician or a model. 🙂

  16. easy….my doctor!!!! WOW! @.@

  17. Musician/songwriter/composer !

  18. It’s a really good question 🙂
    My heart swings between two job : musician (yeah, i know it’s too easy lol) and english teacher (ok, only MY teacher lol)
    I think I’ll make an amazing massagist or physiotherapist, or maybe piano teacher !
    Ok, i’m out *hiding*

  19. A writer. Can picture him hanging out in pubs and/or coffee shops discussing literary topics

  20. The obvious answer would be Singer/musician. Could also see him as a poet – the good kind that actually gets published. Maybe also comedian – he’s got a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

  21. singing, defianately, he’d so be a musician

  22. MUSICIAN! *.* or Writer maybe! xox

  23. a very artistic,introverted, funny , charismatic , creative, industrious , intelligent , easy-going , kind , friendly, polite, shy , untidy, LOVABLE director in the film industry. Mostly independent, original, intriguing, legendary movies… Oscar worthy xXx

  24. Like the others comments, his artistic streak will take him to do something related to the creativity, especially with the literature. Although the music seems to be his dream and his talent, his lyrics are so deep as to be considered poetry. So I think that can become a great writer, composer, guionist, and end up with cult film director.

  25. Music teacher!!

  26. Definately something with music…I could see him being a music teacher of some sort. Wouldn’t you love to be in his class!

  27. A model

  28. MY POOL BOY!!!! 😉 LOL

    I think he is so intelligent and talented that whatever he decided to do whether it be music or film, writing whatever he’d accomplish it. BUT

    He cleaned my pool.. while I watched.. intently.

  29. A Musician … 🙂

  30. Musician & Composer, Song Writer, Producer and/or Director. 🙂

  31. definetely musician, composer, song writer ,producer or director , music teacher,teaching art history at the university(heaven), so many possibilities . LOL

  32. He actually said he would probably be a shoe salesman. I would have so many shoes they wouldn’t fit in my closet! Just imagaine him kneeling in front of you putting a shoe on your foot. It would be like Cinderella.

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