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Note About the Fan Pics Taken in London   15 comments

We’ve been seeing a lot of negativity in the comments towards the fan pics that were taken with Rob on Saturday night. Maybe this post from vampirefreak101 will explain it better. (Negativity in the comments can and will be deleted)

I said it once, I’ll say it again. NO BASHING.

Comments with bashing were not approved

From vampirefreak101

This is kind of an explanation to people who weren’t at marcus foster gig last night so dont actually know what it was like. I’ve read alot of fan comments and b.s on livejournal, twitter, and fan sites about it.

No one upset or hurt or harassed Rob last night that i know of. Yes someone gave him a letter to give to Kristen, and also he spoke to a friend of mine on the phone. Fans had quick chats with him and then walked away. Marcus and Rob aren’t stupid, they know fans are going to recognise him and ask for photos/autographs wherever he goes, he’s famous now, he can’t avoid it. He is happy to meet fans. No one crowded him, it wasnt crazy. Hardly any fans did to be honest, most were happy just to see him or just say hi. Rob went outside to take pics with fans, to not distract from the gig, which was really thoughtful of him.

If u know me or have been following me a while you’ll know I’m a big fan of Marcus, I’ve been to alot of his gigs, and i therefore know him quite well. Yes i was lucky enough to be able to speak to rob last night, after speaking to Marcus for ages. Both of them were fine with this. Rob was happy, relaxed and he’s a really nice guy.(& what i chatted to marcus or rob about is private so dont ask, please). I’m aware that some Rob fans go to Marcus gig just to see Rob, i’m not ever going to judge fans who do that, completely up to them, but yea i do wish people would go for Marcus as well, he’s a really talented musician in my opinion.

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Flashback Post: Video of the Day   10 comments

I’m trying to get my video making mojo back and it’s kinda hard. So I’ll be posting my videos over the next few days (shameless self promotion but the videos were what originally started this blog ;)). Maybe that will help me somehow 😉

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Poll of the Day: What Song Makes You Think of Robert Pattinson?   61 comments

The poll of the day today is “What songs makes you think of Robert Pattinson?” Leave your answer in the comments!

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Black & White Outtakes of Robert Pattinson From Entertainment Weekly and Vogue   1 comment

Here are black & white versions of the outtakes of Robert Pattinson from Entertainment Weekly and Vogue that we posted yesterday here.

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David Slade Speaks About Eclipse To The Province (Canada)   4 comments

Slade started work on Eclipse when the second Twilight movie, New Moon, was finished but before it had been released.

“This huge, enormous zeitgeist of a thing hadn’t quite happened yet,” he says, adding that when the tide of screaming fans did build around the film set, he was too busy to pay much attention,

The film’s security people would erect fences at exterior locations to keep fans far away, and Slade would be at work in the back of a car for the ride to set each day. “Just getting it done became a thousand questions — swatch cards, costume approvals, storyboards. I would have my head in my notes.”

He remembers seeing fans with flowers standing in the rain as cast and crew left work after an all-night shoot in the woods one night. “I’ve got a lot of respect for those kids — God that’s tenacity. I have a lot of time for the subcultures that bring kids together, regardless of subject matter. Often it’s just a good solid source for people to bond.”

Slade says he saw Eclipse as more of a romance.

“Within the two pulling forces of romance and terror, I wanted to try andsample both,” he says. “I don’t think they really did it [in the previous Twilight movies] so much. I wanted Rob [Pattinson] to be scary. I wanted him to have a visceral quality, where a flash of his eyes kind of made it look like he could kill.”

Slade says he approached Eclipse as a standalone film. “There are films that came before, and you inherit cast and crew . . . but I really didn’t spend any time studying the other movies.”

He says he met more than once with each actor individually before starting rehearsals together, “background cast, all the Cullen family, the wolves, all those guys — as many as I possibly could in the time that I had.”

He got them to talk about what they liked and didn’t like about the earlier films, and in subsequent meetings he talked with them about what he wanted.

“You have to take the best of what they’ve done, acknowledge that it’s good, and what’s not good, take them to a good place to start work,” he says.

Another thing he did was to move video monitors away from the set, so the actors wouldn’t worry about what they looked like.

“They concentrated on the moment, that I felt worked,” he says. “Particularly people who are doing they same role several times . . . they could be [saying] ‘Am I doing that look again?’”

Slade talks about scene structure, saying most scenes have the same three-act form as an entire movie, and quotes Plato on the balance between craft and form.

“I’m going to sound like a wanker now for mentioning Plato,” says Slade. “For Twilight, we’re not talking about the greatest art, but about trying to create something that works, that people respond to.”

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New/Old Pic of Robert Pattinson With a Fan   1 comment

Here’s a new/old pic of Robert Pattinson with a fan.

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