*VIDEO* Old/New interview for "Empire" (Twilight Promo, 2008)   6 comments

Not sure if I’ve seen it before (doesn’t seem real new), but I like giggly Rob 🙂



Gossip Dance | via Pattinson Ladies

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6 responses to “*VIDEO* Old/New interview for "Empire" (Twilight Promo, 2008)

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  2. LOL “Duuuh” It’s been awhile (long while :)) but I remember that one mainly because of the Luke Perry, the cereal, and The Office answers.

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  4. i never seen this before…thank you so much!!
    yeah, i know, i love giggly rob, too.
    he is so organic…well, that way i love him:))))

  5. I watched this interview before, but it’s good to see this again. Love the way he said “Duuuh”! 🙂

  6. Yes, I remember this one too but it’s great to see it again. To hear him say “duuh!” was so funny. I love his answers – they’re always so unexpected. He’s got great wit. That’s one of the reasons why I like him so.

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