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Per kinopoisk, the release date for ‘Bel Ami’ in Russia is February 24, 2011

Bel Ami will be released in Norway on March 18th, 2011.

Marystat Just checked with Scanbox Entertainment Norway and they confirmed that TENTATIVE release date for Bel Ami in Norway is on March 18th 2011

Marystat Scanbox Entertainment is the distributor for Bel Ami in Scandinavia so this info is legit.

Via Pattinson Stewart Fans | Marystat

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13 responses to “Bel Ami release dates

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  1. When in Spain?? =(

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  3. Indonesia ???

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  5. Norway always get all the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart movies 🙂

  6. EEE!!! 😀
    We (Russians) are lucky guys! ;)))

  7. how about USA?

    • I thought I read May a few days ago for the US. Don’t understand why these dates are all over the place and why the US has to wait til May. 😦

      • May 2011 would be great for me considering we have W4E in April 2011!! Two Rob movies back to back like that….I will be dead! But I was looking fwd to BA by the end of the year. 8*(

  8. Dutch release is likely to be February 17th, 2011. Source –

  9. And France is likely to see it on the 18th of MAy, 2011. Source –

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