Official Berlin Film Festival’s Complete Programme is up – ‘Bel Ami’ not listed   3 comments

The complete programme for the Berlin Film Festival was released today and Bel Ami is officially not part of it.

Protagonis Pictures released their the EFM 2011 (integrated into the Berlinale) line-up and the only screenings listed are for “Tyrannosaur”, “Horrid Henry The Movie 3D Promo” and “Submarine”.

Fingers crossed for Cannes 2011 🙂

via BelAmiUk / via RPLife

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3 responses to “Official Berlin Film Festival’s Complete Programme is up – ‘Bel Ami’ not listed

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  1. What is it about this movie???!!! Is it cursed or something? I’m really beginning to freak out thinking we may never see it! Are they afraid Rob is SO freaking sexy in it that the world’s female population will not survive seeing it? Let ME decide my own fate please!!

  2. I love so much..ROB!!!

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