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Journal Entries From Ally’s Journal In Remember Me   Leave a comment

I was browsing the Remember Me memorabilia on Premiere Props and stumbled across Ally’s journal which has written pages in it! Since the pages are a bit hard to read I added the text.  Here they are:


Totally. He is still cranky and he really needs to move on. Why should someone punish themselves like that? I mean, I miss Mom too but he needs to understand that his unhappiness affects me. Not that it’s all about me but I’m sure the guys at work feel the same. Or maybe they’re all cranky too..?


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REMEMBER ME Shirt worn by Rob up for auction   Leave a comment

A fan named Arianna gives us this shirt worn by Rob while filming Remember Me. This is the shirt and its history:

About a year ago I bought at an online auction through a shirt worn by our beloved Rob Remember Me. Apparently he used to be one of the photos that would later appear decorating the stage. The case is that Ebay bought through a shop that has a lot of credibility, such as Premiere Props. The problem is that now I have raised an issue I need to sell this item.
As you can see the link that I left, the shirt has always been framed so that its condition is excellent. And have your certificate of authenticity, completely original, since it has a raised seal. As a fan of Robert Pattinson breaks my heart to have to offer for sale this article, because, from my private collection is the jewel in the crown … but the crisis is the crisis and I could use the little money. As I say in the ad cost me 300 euros and I put it in direct sales to 250, less if you bid. So there I leave, if you want to post this on the web and other fans really can be done with this article.
To bid on it and enter the auction, click HERE

Source | Via Twibritneyfan | Via Gossip Dancevia |  viavia


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*UPDATE* More details about the Twilight surprise at the Oscars   8 comments

Ryan Seacrest:

After releasing, via a Twitter video, that there will be a surprise for all the Twihards out there, Bruce furthered “Robert, Taylor, and Kristen will not be on the show but, the next best thing is going to happen and it will blow people minds.” Although Cohen wouldn’t reveal the surprise, he did let on what it is not, including it’s “not a live element at all…not technically CGI…and not the trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn.’

More details & audio via Ryan Seacrest | Via RPLife

Planning a Trip to New York City? Walk in Tyler’s Footsteps! Here Are Some Great Remember Me Filming Locations to Visit   5 comments

Are you planning a trip to New York City? If you are and wanted to visit a few of the filming locations for Remember Me we did some research for you guys. Here are some of the places Remember Me was filmed:

Central Park (Alice in Wonderland Statue and boat pond)

This is the place where Tyler & Caroline go after school. This is also the place where Tyler goes to meet Ally towards the end of the movie. It’s located just north of the Conservatory Water at East 74th Street. Click here for more info.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop

Eddie’s Sweet Shop is the location where Tyler, Caroline, Charles, Diane and Les go after visiting Michael’s grave. It’s located at 105-29 Metropolitan Avenue in Foresthills, Queens. Click here for more info.

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New Robert Pattinson wallpaper   3 comments

Here’s a new Robert Pattinson wallpaper with a pic from the Vanity Fair photoshoot from 2008 by @DreamySim1 | Click to make bigger

Preview of Robert Pattinsons Vanity Fair- Italy interview   13 comments

Read a [translated] preview of Robert Pattinsons Vanity Fair Italy interview: May Issue

“I don’t  know why but all Robert Pattinson interviews start with a description on how he is dressed. My interview, however, has not yet been written: it will be ready in Italy when his new movie is released, the one after “Twilight”.  I mean ” Water for Elephants”; probably in May. But what I do know is that I will do something different, I won’t say anything about how he was dressed.

I also know that in Pattinson’s case, even the smallest details can’t be ignored, as millions of women worldwide, from 9 years old, would sacrifice more than a broken a nail just to get their hands on the smallest piece of information on him. Therefore here’s a detailed account of Pattinson’s look. The location: a second floor suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. The time:  3:30 in the afternoon and although it is not his first interview of the day, it seems like he just got out of bed.

Finally he arrives: He pours himself a cup of coffee, “I need to wake up”, he apologizes. And, indeed, he has the sleepy face, but his eyes are incredibly clear. Then he sits down and puts his feet near the coffee table in front of the chair. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans, quite narrow at the bottom, he moves back on bended knees exposing bare skin between his short socks (which are also black) and the edge of his trousers. He has white skin and dark hair that is sparse. Oh his feet: a pair of Dr. Martens, ça va sans dire, black. His outfit is completed with a T-shirt and a jacket that I would say are vintage. The hair on his neck is shaved, with a little bit visible at the front , his skin is clear and smooth. And his lips: I swear, the reddest I’ve ever seen on a man…”

Source | Source | Via RPlife

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Great New Robert Pattinson Fanmade Video Made by Biel (@100RobPattinson)   4 comments

Here’s a great new video made by Biel.

She made this video in honor of Uber_Vamp who passed away suddenly last week. Much love to her friends and family in these hard times.

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Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Water for Elephants Still?   10 comments

Today we thought we’d do a poll to see which Water for Elephants still is your favorite. We’ve also included the posters. To make this easier for you guys we’ve labelled the stills from 1 to 8 and all you have to do is tell us which one is your favorite on the poll!



See the rest of the stills and vote after the jump!

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Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants in Italy’s Best Movie Magazine – Scans & Translation   2 comments

Here’s a scan of Robert Pattinson & Water for Elephants in Italy’s Best Movie Magazine. You’ll also find the translation of the article below the scan.


Robert Pattinson became deeply involved in the drama, Water for Elephants, based on Sara Gruen’s novel . In the film, directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), Pattinson is an elephant trainer that falls in love with the beautiful Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Their love affair is interrupted by owner of the circus (Christoph Waltz). It’s strange to see Pattinson in a suite and tie lovingly embraced  by an elephant (who’s named Rosie and whom Robert is quite fond of, of course).

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Moms for sending this to us

Robert Pattinson & Breaking Dawn Win At The ‘Virgin Media Movie Awards’   Leave a comment

Guy of the Year – Robert Pattinson


It was a tough battle between Team Potter and Team Twilight, but you should never underestimate the screaming power of the Twi-hards. Robert Pattinson – or ‘R-Patz’ to those of you down with the kidz – emerged victorious as your Guy Of The Year. Fellow teen idol Daniel Radcliffe scrapped his way to second place, with everyone’s favourite pirate, Johnny Depp, in third. Swoon or what?

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