Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Water for Elephants Still?   10 comments

Today we thought we’d do a poll to see which Water for Elephants still is your favorite. We’ve also included the posters. To make this easier for you guys we’ve labelled the stills from 1 to 8 and all you have to do is tell us which one is your favorite on the poll!



See the rest of the stills and vote after the jump!

10 responses to “Poll of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Water for Elephants Still?

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  1. That is probably the hardest thing i’ll do all day which says alot of my day… 😀

    I kept switching back and forth till I finally made a decision… they are all amazing pics!! I cant wait for this movie to come, I am definitely going to go see it when it does!!♥

  2. The first! Adorable 🙂

  3. I voted for no 4, Rob and Rosie, but it was difficult to choose. I also like no. 1 and no. 7. Cannot wait for the movie! I’ve already marked it on my calendar. Love Rob always!!

  4. The First one for me 🙂

  5. I was between #1 and 4,but finally I had voted the 1,is so sweet his smile and how he touch Tai’s trunk,but I love all of them 🙂

  6. I like # 6 because I’d really really like to have my hand exactly where Reese has hers…

  7. I voted for #1 but it was hard t choose because all pics are awesome! I also love #3 and #7 too. 🙂

  8. It was very hard to choose, they are all winners and specialy 1 3 4 and 7. Why do we have to choose 😦

  9. I would have chosen #4 had it not been for the chain around Rosie’s foot. Breaks my heart.
    So number 7 it is!!! love you Rob!

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