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Great New Robert Pattinson Fanmade Video Made by Biel (@100RobPattinson)   4 comments

Here’s a great new video made by Biel.

She made this video in honor of Uber_Vamp who passed away suddenly last week. Much love to her friends and family in these hard times.

Posted February 25, 2011 by justfp in Fan Vids, Robert Pattinson

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Awesome New Video Made by Biel! Just Tyler   13 comments

I’m on site break right now but I’m jumping in just to post this video petitbiel made for me for my birthday.

Since she knows I’m a huge fan of Tyler she made a Tyler video. Thank you so much babe I love it! I’m touched that you made me a video for my birthday. *Mwah*

Fanmade Video: Edward [From Twilight To Eclipse] – 2nd Part   8 comments

This awesome video was made by petitbiel who makes amazing videos.

Here is part 1

Amazing New Fanmade Video by Biel: Robert Pattinson 2004-2010 [more than just Edward]   13 comments

Here’s an amazing video made by Biel showcasing Rob’s in various roles. I love it! Great job Biel!