Amazing New Fanmade Video by Biel: Robert Pattinson 2004-2010 [more than just Edward]   13 comments

Here’s an amazing video made by Biel showcasing Rob’s in various roles. I love it! Great job Biel!

13 responses to “Amazing New Fanmade Video by Biel: Robert Pattinson 2004-2010 [more than just Edward]

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  1. amazing!!!

  2. she makes the best freaking videos!

  3. hi dear, thank YOU very much for posting my viddie here, on your awesome blog!! love ya!!!*bisous*

  4. She's awesome at making videos. Love them.

  5. Great video babe! Love it!!! Love ya too!

  6. Awesome vid Biel!! I'm off for a replay 😉

  7. Very well thought out and mastered. That must have been a lot of work, though I'm sure not hard with the subject matter! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  8. This is one of her best ever!!! What makes it even more special is that it is about the fact that he is “More than Edward”! Something we all know. but the average fan doesn't. I posted this on my Facebook page and I don't do that much anymore – my non-Rob friends just don't get it.If there were an awards ceremony for fanvids, I think Biel should win!


  10. Amazing – loved it. He's so versatile and just GAH! Really well done.

  11. Awesome vid – Loved it!!

  12. This is fantastic! I really do love it! I always know that Rob is not only Edward and this video just perfectly presents him!! I need to spread this video among as many people as I could.

  13. This is a great video! It's one of my favorite vid of Rob because it's showing that he can be more than just a “Twilight” guy. He has really the potential and the talent to be an iconic actor.

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