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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson interview with ‘Best Movie’ – Italy   Leave a comment


He wears a green and yellow plaid shirt, black sneakers with thick soles and thick cotton socks. He wears a pair of light colored pants, which seem to have been worn by him for a week. When he speaks, he keeps his head slightly angled, he breaks his sentences; suddenly he stares at me, with a crocked smile and watch me like he was thinking “Do you really care about this?” Of all the stars that you can meet, Robert Pattinson is the one that disguises himself the best. His diversity and his potential are in this askew allure, like his face, like an odd predestination. He seems to be here by accident, and by accident famous, lost and amused, without complacence. For instance, talking about his sex scene with Julianne Moore in Maps To The Stars, he is able to say: ”It was our first encounter; it was my first day on set. In Toronto, where we were filming, the weather was steamy hot and I was sweating a lot. She is one of those absurd people that don’t sweat at all. Ever. So, think what a situation, I was trying not to wet her back with my sweat! And I must have looked so weird to her eyes because she kept asking me: “Are you alright?”

At 28 years old he seems to find himself in a zone of his career that he likes. Escaped from the post Twilight frets, he committed himself in avoiding scripts made to keep him stuck to an image of himself that he doesn’t recognize, and he is becoming a constant presence in very important film festivals. After the double commitment with Cronenberg (Cosmopolis and Maps To The Stars), he filmed Queen Of The Desert, by Werner Herzog (a movie about the legendary life of Gertrude Bell), and in the meanwhile in autumn his movie, The Rover, will hit the scene in the Italian theaters. The Rover is the new movie of David Michod, a young Australian director, well known for his fabulous film noir Animal Kingdom (2010) that was screened in Cannes. Guy Pearce was cast in Animal Kingdom in the role of a policeman and in this new post-apocalyptic thriller, all filmed in the Australian outback, he plays the role of a man robbed of his last owning: a car that hides a secret. So begins this story in which he (Guy) chases after the men who stole his car, with the help of a disturbed and confused guy that has the face of Robert Pattinson.

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*SCANS* Breaking Dawn: Part II in Best Movie magazine ‘Twilight Saga Special Edition’   1 comment

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 wins Best Movie and Best kiss at MTV Movie Awards 2012   3 comments

Rob wasn’t there (he’s in Toronto for the ‘Cosmopolis Canadian Premiere), but he and Kristen won ‘Best Kiss’ at the MTV Movie Awards.
Kristen accepting their award:

Youtube: Best Kiss

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*SCANS* Cosmopolis, Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Best Movie magazine – Italy   3 comments

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“I’m afraid,” confesses Robert Pattinson.
“Fear for an actor is always a good thing. He’s also a fantastic, stunning, a great performer” responds indirectly David Cronenberg. “The script was crazy and difficult,” the actor continues. “When I heard that the person was him, I had an intuition. I know that Robert is a grand leap” echoes the director.
Distance dialogue between the student and teacher, working for months on the set of their first project together, for the big screen adaptation of Cosmopolis, the surreal novel by Don DeLillo.
“In the year 2000, one day in April” Thus begins the odyssey, a long 24 hours, Eric Parker, 28 year-old multimillionaire who left home with his white limousine to go to the barber, remains locked in the traffic of Manhattan and is involved in a series of events that jeopardize his safety and his heritage … It would be impossible to describe in a few lines the surreal journey the protagonist takes in a Manhattan without frontiers, a sort of virtual town where the limo floats like a social network and chat with other “traces” of humanity. Between tasers, pie in the face, the threat of someone wanting to kill him (both as a person and as a symbol of humanity no longer in the horizon) and the presence of his mysterious life companion, ethereal woman, guardian angel and his wife constantly betrayed.

After Crash, Cronenberg continues his exploration of the imaginary modern metropolitan, hallucinated and perverse, using a cast which also includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric
WHY YOU SHOULD NOT MISS IT: To observe the modern world through Cronenberg’s look. And it could be Pattinson’s professional ‘redemption’.


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“Breaking Dawn” and “Water for Elephants” featured in Best Movie Magazine -April 2011   Leave a comment

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Robert Pattinson and Water for Elephants in Italy’s Best Movie Magazine – Scans & Translation   2 comments

Here’s a scan of Robert Pattinson & Water for Elephants in Italy’s Best Movie Magazine. You’ll also find the translation of the article below the scan.


Robert Pattinson became deeply involved in the drama, Water for Elephants, based on Sara Gruen’s novel . In the film, directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), Pattinson is an elephant trainer that falls in love with the beautiful Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Their love affair is interrupted by owner of the circus (Christoph Waltz). It’s strange to see Pattinson in a suite and tie lovingly embraced  by an elephant (who’s named Rosie and whom Robert is quite fond of, of course).

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