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I was browsing the Remember Me memorabilia on Premiere Props and stumbled across Ally’s journal which has written pages in it! Since the pages are a bit hard to read I added the text.  Here they are:


Totally. He is still cranky and he really needs to move on. Why should someone punish themselves like that? I mean, I miss Mom too but he needs to understand that his unhappiness affects me. Not that it’s all about me but I’m sure the guys at work feel the same. Or maybe they’re all cranky too..?


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January 5th

So today I was walking down the avenue and I thought to myself… why is it that all of the people in this town are so unaffected? I mean they walk along in this daze of indifference. Why is that? Are they even aware of their own cow-like nature? Do they know how ridiculous it is to be so zombie-like? The world is beautiful. Wake up people!


You can still purchase the journal by clicking here. Although be aware that the going price is 499.99$

Tyler’s journal is also still up for grabs. Unfortunately you can’t read what’s written in it. You can check it out here. The going price on that one is 4,999.99$ (who’s getting it for me? ;)) . We once made our own version of Tyler’s journal which you can check out here.

The shirt from the first day of filming is also available. You can check it out here.

In any case there’s a lot of Remember Me memorabilia still left to purchase if you’re willing to pay the price. Check them all out here.

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