Color Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Some color enhanced caps from Twilight of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.



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2 responses to “Color Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson

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  1. ok, now I’m going to have to watch Twilight again! Somebody help me – I’m snowed in and have nothing to do but obsess over RP!

  2. For some reason the cold and being in the house has me stir crazy while reading the kids Dr Seus rhymes ……………but subconsciously I was translating Green Eggs and Ham differently??? Let’s see…….I do love Rob as Ty and Ed – I do so want him in my bed – I do love him is what I said – I do love Rob as Ty and Ed – I cannot get them from my head – I do love Rob …….period! When I see his face…. I’m DED! sorry kids….. back to Green Eggs 🙂

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