Indiemoviesonline’s Cosmopolis Movie Preview: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg   2 comments

It is, on the surface, the most improbable of creative collaborations. Teen idol Robert Pattinson linking up with David Cronenberg, regent of body horror cinema and the man who made Geena Davis give birth to a maggot in The Fly. Both men can be seen to be gambling, spying greater rewards ahead. But can an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis deliver the payoff each desires?

Pattinson and Cronenberg, Cronenberg and Pattinson – it is a combination which becomes scarcely less surprising each time you see it there before you. One is often cited as the greatest Canadian director of all-time and indeed one of the most important and influential in global terms too, with a Légion d’honneur and the Cannes Film Festival’s lifetime achievement award, the Carosse d’Or, amongst his galaxy of accolades.

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