Breaking Dawn Filming details! *SPOILERS*   8 comments

*WARNING* Spoilers after the jump!!

We have some filming details for you from Breaking Dawn. If you don’t want spoilers: don’t read on after the jump!

From Lainey Gossip:

Twilight has returned to Vancouver. The cast has come to shoot Breaking DawnParts 1 and 2, mostly exteriors after working on mostly interiors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I can tell you exclusively that filming includes – in no particular order:

  • Bella’s new vampire hunting
  • teaching the hybrid child about hunting
  • some sh-t in pretend-Alaska
  • something about Romanian vampires
  • something about a movie theatre and Edward’s flashback
  • Bella kicking Jacob’s ass
  • Jacob training baby wolves (this all sounds so ridiculous to write, is it as ridiculous to read?)
  • Bella practising her mind techniques
  • the father-son “baseball” conversation between Carlisle and Edward
  • the wedding (yes, the wedding)
  • a happy future family scene when the kid is all grown up
  • and the final scene of the saga which is, unless they change it in editing, the two lovers in the meadow.

All told about 7 weeks.

Source: Lainey Gossip

8 responses to “Breaking Dawn Filming details! *SPOILERS*

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  1. IIRC, the last scene in the book of BD is in the cottage, so they are changing that for the film?

    DebbieCDC aka Seattle Chik
  2. Okay sounds like they are going to screw up breaking dawn like the did eclipse…… Jacob training baby wolves…that isnt in the book. Leave it that dork Rosenburg to screw it up… Thought it would be better with Myers involved…I know they can’t but it all in the movie but come on, stick close to the book like New Moon and Twilight…

    • They didnt follow Twilight in sequential order but they didnt do bad with it at all. New Moon the few scenes we did have with Edward and Bella were so not right.

  3. At this point I’m just happy to finally see what “will be”.
    Screwed up or not I think we have all imagined things a bit differently.
    Not a fan of Rosenberg/Scummit etc… but sooooo looking fwd to the wedding, honeymoon, cottage scenes, Daddyward*
    268? days whatev… makes me want to read it again (3rd time) was my fav book and however they do it I’m ready 😉

  4. What is the deal with Rob at a movie theater and his flash back? I don’t remember that from the book. Also, what was the “base-ball” conversation?

    I don’t mind the last scene being in the meadow. I think it’ll be more pretty than inside a cottage. On the other hand, Eclipse ended in a meadow already.

  5. Philippa ITA, there is no flash back or “base-ball” conversation in the book. I should know just finished reading the book for about the 8th time (lost count). I also don’t mind the last sceen being in the meadow, as long as it’s done beautifully and as romantic as it is in the book. Ah, whatever just can’t wait for the movie (s), I just hope it reasonably close to the book. I think we should all know by now that it is not going to be exactly like the book!!

  6. “baseball” = twi version of the birds & bees “talk”

  7. I love Rob in all of the twilight movies, Kristin on the other hand, I feel she doesn’t show any emotion. I’ve read the books & I am disappointed in the screen writer, she is not caputuring the feelings & emotions.

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