Video: The Oscar’s Musical Version of Twilight   12 comments

Here is the video of the Oscar Twilight “Surprise”.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

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12 responses to “Video: The Oscar’s Musical Version of Twilight

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  3. i was really disappointed in the little “twilight surprise.” i expected a lot more.

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  5. Oh yes this was very mind blowing, thanks alot oscars…..T.T

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  7. What a total let down. I expected a lot more. Totally lame!!

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  9. I thought it was really cute, and tastefully done. I’m sure most of you know that both Rob and Kristen were in LA Saturday night at some party.

  10. My issue was that they cut out the beginning of the scene where Edward drops off Bella and kisses her in front of Jacob – that’s why Jacob was hugging Bella like he did. They just wanted to show Taylor’s abs. I didn’t watch, hopefully they didn’t get their TwiFans like they intended

  11. I loved the oscars! But I knew the twilight surprise wasn’t gonna b much, cuz if rob & kristen weren’t there, there was no new clips or trailers, whats left to surprise us with? The second I saw the first part or this skit w/ harry potter, I knew this was gonna b our surprise. oh well

  12. It was okay, I suppose we couldn’t expect more at the Oscars, but ITA with Shirlee, the zooming in on Taylor’s abs was annoying!!

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