Video: HBO First Look at Water for Elephants   5 comments

Here is the video from HBO First Look at Water for Elephants. Will update when we get HD.



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5 responses to “Video: HBO First Look at Water for Elephants

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  1. omg.. how could it happened we only could see the WFE in August, here in japan…and have to wait 5months more??? seriously.., all the disaster movies and kind of panic movies are pushed back( like 6months mostly) or just cancelled in here.( yeah, i understand that really.) so? why dont they make the WFE ahead of schedule? . or if they wont…do I have to go overseas anyplace that i might be able to see it? AGAIN???? ( of course i did it when Eclipse released)
    oh, rob.. u are very expensive man to fall in love with…
    and even though i would never see u in fresh..damn! lol..;)

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  3. A M A Z I N G movie… may 6, I can’t wait!!

  4. Whooo April 22 is coming really fast. Whoo can’t wait for WFE.LOVE HIM

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